Roads In Nairobi With The Heaviest Traffic Jam During Peak Hours

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Nairobi, Kenya’s capital is best known for traffic and congestion, mainly in the morning and at peak hours in the evenings. This issue of traffic jams and congestion in Kenya is what led to Nairobi being classified as the second worst city to live and drive in all over the world. This is according to a report in Kenya that was released earlier this year. Apparently, the issue of traffic jams seems not to be getting a proper solution any time soon from the government of Kenya. The city of Nairobi is already congested with residential premises, businesses and commercial centers. Most roads in Nairobi have also been encroached.

Much as government officials in Kenya love to talk about road reserves and that people should not encroach on such pieces of land, such kinds of notices seem not to have been taken seriously in most parts of Nairobi.  Recently, we witnessed an accident in Umoja Estate at Mutindwa market involving a train and an UMOINNER bus. Much as the cause of the accident in Kenya has not been unraveled yet, one thing that is for sure is that most business people here had erect kiosks and “vibanda” close to the railway line in Nairobi.  As such, this made it difficult for the bus driver of UmoInner bus in Nairobi to notice whether there was an oncoming train.

Traffic jams in Kenya are estimated to cost the county of Nairobi 50 million every other day. As such, if such traffic situation in Nairobi is not resolved fast, the case scenario might just become worst in future.  Let us now have a look at some of the roads in Nairobi which experience the worst traffic jams every other day in Kenya.

Jogoo Road in Nairobi

Undoubtedly the busiest road in the city today, Jogoo Road in Nairobi experiences one of the worst traffic congestion cases ever witnessed in the East African Region. Perhaps the main reason why this is the case is because of the high population density in Nairobi’s Eastland area where Jogoo Road serve. There is really no doubt that most of Nairobi population actually hail from Eastlands in places such as Umoja, Innercore, BuruBuru, Embakasi, Jericho, Makadara and Donholm estates in Nairobi. As such, if the traffic issue is to be resolved here in the capital of Nairobi, this is one of the roads which ought to be looked at.

Langata Road in Nairobi

Langata Road is another of the busiest roads in the capital of Kenya today. Much as some people might argue that the traffic issue on Langata road in Nairobi is not as serious as that one on Jogoo road, one thing that is for sure is that for the residents of Nairobi in Langata area, Karen, Kibera, and Ongata Rongai in Nairobi, this issue has to be resolved and resolved pretty fast. The traffic issue on Langata road, just like the case is for Jogoo road, is at its worst in the morning and in the evenings when people are rushing home from work.

If you reside in Nairobi West, Madaraka, Langata, Karen or Ongata Rongai, you will agree with me that the situation on Langata Road can be dire at times. There are times when you find the entire stretch from Madaraka up to the Langata Baracks is at a standstill. However, the construction of the Langata Road dual carriage way at Bomas in Nairobi might help to resolve part of traffic problem in Nairobi.

Ngong Road in Nairobi

Nairobi residents from Dagoretti Corrner,Karen and Ngong in Nairobi also have a hard time dealing with the traffic issue along Ngong Road. Arguably one of the busiest roads in the capital today, Ngong road ferries thousands of Nairobi county and Kajiado county residents to work in the city of Nairobi and back every other day. Just like the case was for the previous Nairobi roads, the traffic issue in Kenya is at its worst during the peak hours and that is in the morning and during the evening. There is really no doubt that the issue of traffic on these roads needs to be addressed and addressed expeditiously for that matter.

There is a breakdown of the situation in Nairobi roads and now the advice to Nairobi residents regarding which Nairobi roads to use and which ones to avoid during peak hours, is as easy as just avoid residing in areas with heavy traffic in Nairobi. Could you just imagine how tired a Kenyan would be if in a day, they would need to use two of the roads with the highest traffic on a daily basis?


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