Revolutions In Road Transport In Kenya

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The transport sector in the country has gone through a lot of changes since the incorporation of the late John Michuki into the field. Many changes have come to replace the old ways of doing things making it more lucrative for easy services to be provided to those travelling to various destinations in the world. The following are some of the major revolutions in the transport sector of Kenya

Use of Beba Pay

Initially, people used to give money to turn boys some of which would treat them harshly and avoid giving them back their money. The process was replaced by the use of beba cards that just need one to load cash on it. The method is proving to be easier for most travelers making it good for them to save money and travel without hesitation. The method is easier and convenient to be used by a large number of people and is safe as one does not need to carry money physically.

Alcohol Blow Sensor

The device was developed for the purposes of ending the common drinking habits among many drivers. It is used in detecting guys that often take alcohol and go ahead driving. The device has however been rejected by many with the claim that it is spreading a lot of disease infections. It is important that more stable ways be invented of using the device to avoid infecting others with the disease.

Official Uniforms

The minister of transport the late Michuki put a rule that drivers should wear a blue black color and their turn boys should ear brown uniforms to ensure that uniformity is achieved in the roads of Kenya. More orderly systems have long been found since the rule was invented.

Installation of Safety Belts

All public vehicles must have safety belts that must be used by travelers. It is important that public and private vehicles be installed with the devices to ensure that there is more room for safety and avoid causing accidents.

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