Major Bus Routes and Their Numbers

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A person willing to travel to the town can first find the suitable matatu buy heading to the railway centre in Nairobi. The matatus will be seen by their numbers indicated on the mirror just near the driver’s seat. The number can also be used by people wishing to travel to carnivore grounds, lang’ata cemetery and Karen. Furthermore other universities such as multimedia and catholic university of east Africa can be reached using the number.

Embakasi 33

The matatus are found in Nairobi around the Kenya archives buildings. It is the main route that most travelers heading to embakasi use. It is well recognized in Nairobi and any person that finds difficulties should seek the help of others in trying to reach the place.

Kawangware 46

The buses used to reach the place are found at Kenkom in Nairobi. They are many in number and type with various companies using the same types of name. The major buses using the number include Kenya bus, double M and city hoppa. Furthermore, residents travelling to estates such as Lovington and hurlingham can use the number to board public transport.

Githurai 45

The number is used by residents that travel from Githurai to the city centre. The matatus are good and spacious and make travelling to the town centre to be made easier and simpler. They take little time to reach the city and are further one of the cheapest routes to use.Travellors are however warned to be careful before boarding a bus operating in this route as recently one bus exploded due to terrorism.

Thika 237

Buses using this route are used by people travelling form Nairobi to Thika town and vice versa. The route is one of the fastest as it enjoys the benefit offered by the thika superhighway making travelling to be easy and faster. The route is also safe as the road is well constructed.

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