Location Of The Three Main Bus/Matatu Terminals In Nyeri Town In Kenya

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There are many people who have no direct access to private means of movement in most parts of Kenya including Nyeri town. Again, there are those who own personal means of transporation in Kenya, but they find it rather cumbersome to use their cars every time they need to access Nyeri town in Kenya or travel to nearby areas. This is the sole reason for the very existence of public service vehicles in Nyeri town in Kenya. The public vehicles in Nyeri town in Kenya aid in movement for those that lack means of private transportation in Nyeri and those that opt to use public means. The municipal council of Nyeri town in Kenya has the provision for bus stops and matatu stages within the Nyeri town in Kenya. There are at least three major bus stages in Nyeri town in Kenya. The different bus stops have public vehicles travelling to various destinations in Kenya from Nyeri town.

Nyeri Lower Stage in Kenya

The Lower stage in Nyeri town in Kenya is a matatu terminal in Nyeri that is located on the lower part of Nyeri town. Lower stage matatu terminal in Nyeri town is located close to the Mudavadi market in Nyeri town along Gakere Road. The lower stage matatu terminus in Nyeri is the most busy bus terminus in Nyeri town. The lower stage matatu terminus in Nyeri has matatus that ply to Nairobi, Mukurweni, Karatina, Othaya and Thika parts of Kenya. Basically, all matatus that leave Nyeri town via the lower route near the Dedan Kimathi stadium in Nyeri are found in this lower stage bus terminus in Nyeri. The lower stage matatu terminus in Nyeri is surrounded by vendors in Nyeri dealing in small household appliances, shoe stores as well as hotels and other eateries in Nyeri. There is also a large market in Nyeri town found close to the lower bus terminus in Nyeri not to forget the famous Homage store in Nyeri that deals in school uniforms and other knitwear in Kenya.

Nyeri Middle Stage in Kenya

The Middle bus stage in Nyeri is found on the upper side of Nyeri Town in Kenya. This middle stage terminus in Nyeri has public service vehicles in Kenya plying the Mweiga, Ihururu, Endarasha routes in Kenya. You can also find matatus to Kingo’ong’o, Outspan and Watuka parts of Kenya in this middle bus stage in Nyeri. The Nyeri middle bus stage in Kenya is also surrounded by small scale vendors in Nyeri selling fruits. There is also a Nyeri public toilet in this middle stage in Nyeri accessible to all and sundry at a small fee. The most prominent outlets close to this middle stage in Nyeri is the Slopes supermarket in Nyeri town and the Sullivan Hotels in Nyeri town in Kenya.

Nyeri Upper Stage in Kenya

The Nyeri Upper bus terminus is located very close to the middle bus terminus in Nyeri town in Kenya. The names of the two bus stages in Nyeri town are often confused and used interchangeably. The two bus terminals in Nyeri are only separated by a road and a line of buildings. The matatus found in this Upper stage terminus in Nyeri town are those that ply to Nanyuki, Nyahururu, and Nakuru routes in Kenya. However, you can also find matatus in Nyeri that ply the Ihururu route in Kenya in this Upper bus terminus in Nyeri.

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