How To Use Your BebaPay Card To Pay For Public Transport In Kenya

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Equity bank in Kenya liaised with Google to come up with Bebapay service for Kenyans. BebaPay in Kenya is a payment card that helps you make it easier to pay for your travelling allowance. BebaPay service in Kenya is excellent for people who commute to work. With a BebaPay card in Nairobi, you can pay for your bus ride to and from work without having to carry loose change. BebaPay also ensures that you do not keep receipts of payment in your bag. BebaPay service in Nairobi is available in buses going on Nairobi routes like Githurai 45 (Unified Poa Buses), Riruta, Karen, Jogoo Road and Ngong Road (K.B.S buses).

All you have to do is get a Bebapay card in Nairobi for free from one of the BebaPay personnel and Equity agents in Nairobi. These BebaPay agents in Nairobi are easy to spot on these particular bus terminuses in Nairobi that accept Bebapay card use. You can get the Bebapay service providers in Nairobi at Kencom House, Outside World Business Centre on Tom Mboya Street, Pipeline and Yaya areas in Nairobi. The Bebapay providers in Kenya are young vibrant and ready to receive customers in Nairobi. Even though the Bebapay card is free, one had to pay a small amount in denominations of Kshs 50 to activate it. Payments on BebaPay service in Nairobi are 50 kshs, 100kshs, and 150kshs and so on. The money that one loads into BebaPay account in Nairobi is subject to factors such as customer preferences, customer salary, financial status, customer’s disposable income and the route that he/she travels. Once you decide on the amount to load on the BebaPay card, you need a Gmail account and your phone.

The procedure of getting a BebaPay account and Card in Nairobi takes less than five minutes. The Equity agent in Kenya uses a special android phone while registering your new phone. Bebapay in Kenya uses smart cards tailored by Near Field Communication Technology and software from Google. The Bebapay agent in Nairobi simply taps the card on the phone and enters the registration details on the first window that asks for your name and number. When the window is complete with the entered data, the Nairobi Bebapay customer instantly receives a code on his/her phone and gives it to the Equity agent to enter on the next window/dialogue box. When this is done, the customer keys in his/her Gmail account and password and the account is ready. The Equity agent in Kenya then tops up the money and gives the BebaPay customer in Nairobi the card. Once you have that BebaPay card, all you have to do is produce it to the conductor every time you take a ride in Nairobi public transport vehicles.

People who have used BebaPay services in Nairobi say that it is a great technology. “I love it. I put Kshs 3000 on my Bebapay account when I get my salary. This makes it easier to plan and budget and I don’t have to reach for loose change every time I travel. It is a not as risky as walking with money in your pocket” Says Henry, a BebaPay subscriber in Nairobi.

The risks on BebaPay service in Kenya are minimal since one gets a message immediately telling you the bus you have used, the amount used and your account balance. A BebaPay user in Nairobi can load the BebaPay card on the ride home or on selected Equity Agents in Nairobi.

This revolution on transport industry in Kenya hopes to spread in the country and Bebapay services will soon be used to pay for goods and other services in Kenya.

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