How To Obtain A Driving Licence In Kenya

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The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) defines a driving licence as a permit to drive a vehicle on the road. Acquiring this vital document is a procedural process that is guided by the traffic laws of Kenya. Essentially, licences fall into different categories, and anybody interested in obtaining a driving licence must be aware of the specific one that he or she needs.

Classes of Driving Licences

  • Class "E": permit to drive light vehicles only.

  • Class "B, C and E": permit for driving of both light and heavy commercial vehicles.

  • Class "I": a special permit to drive articulated motor vehicles, fork lifts, prime movers, and shovels, among others.

Requirements of Getting a Licence

  • A person must have attained the legal adult age of 18 years, and above for motor vehicle licence, and 16 years and above for a motor cycle licence.

  • A copy of the national ID and two passport size photos

  • Duly filled Form VII from the District Commissioner or Road Transport Department. The applicant must show proof of having graduated from a certified driving school

  • The applicant must undergo and pass a mandatory driving test examination conducted by registered test drivers (police officers).

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