Factors Promoting Urbanization in Juja Nairobi

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Juja town is one of the fastest growing urban centers in Kenya and several reasons are facilitating the above growth. It is important for the government to focus on the factors promoting the interest of people in a particular area so as to get better ways of working with them eventually enabling economic growth in the long run. The following factors have promoted the fast growth of juja town.

Thika Super Highway

People love settling around places that have good market when they are carrying out business. It is therefore important for the road to attract more people around juja town as it makes travelling to be more easy eventually encouraging various business and people to come in the place. The road plays great roles in bringing people to the town and encouraging business growth.

JomoKenyatta University

It is of no doubt that juja town has grown due to the presence of the campus at the place. It is important for people to realize that the university is one of the best performing in the country hence needs to help not only students but also the people sounding the entire area and place. The campus has played crucial roles in encouraging various investment opportunities hence helping the growth of the town.

Clean water

Water is essential for human life and that is the main reason why a lot of residents are shifting from major urban centers to come and settle in juja town. The place has clean water and the supply is good. Few cases of water infections have been reported making it the best place for one to settle and obtain plenty supply of water.

Readily available market

Juja town has a lot of market for various industrial goods making investors to find stable reasons to invest in the place and make more money from it. Source of market for business is important making it convenient for mangers to shif and expand their industries towards the place.

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