Driving School Test Questions TEST VII ANSWERS

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1. No parking, No waiting, also No stopping in some places

2. It means that you CANNOT cross the lines too overtake. Keep to your side.

3. Regularservicing of the vehicle, Check up the following Steering, brakes, wheels, mirrors, wipers and lights

4. You are not allowed to reverse from a side road to a main road

5. The speed of the vehicle during dark hours is controlled by the lights

6. You should drive slowly giving them plenty of room and you should not hoot

7. You should slow down, flash your lights three times, dip them and if possible stop

8. a) Accident warning signs e.g Life saver

    b) Police or emergency vehicles using flash lights

    c) Several vehicles in the distance moving slowly or having stopped

9. The hand signal should be the Left hand held Up, Palm facing Forward

10. Sunglasses should not be worn at night and when visibility is poor

11. After breakdown, if possible, push the vehicle out of the road, put on the hazard lights, remove out the life saver and place it infront and behind not less than 50 metres

12. Eye protectors, Strong boots, Gloves and Clothes that may help in case of a fall off

13. When you always need to enable other road users to see you. 

14. To carry only one passanger, Securely fastedand proper seat for the passanger, Must have proper foot rests, Must wear an approved safety helmet



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