Driving School Test Questions TEST VI

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1. Name 8 places you CANNOT overtake.

2. Name few major causes of accidents on Kenyan roads.

3. State the procedure to approach uncontrolled railway crossing during the 

a) Day time b) At Night

4. How many lights does a saloon car have?

5. When should you use the mirror while driving?

6. How would you park your vehicle on a steep hill:

a) Facing uphill b) Downhill

7. Within what distance should you be able to stop your vehicle:

   a) During the day b) At night

8. What is the traffic light sequence

9. As a good driver, what should you do before overtaking another vehicle to alert the driver of your presence?

   a) During the day  b) During the night

10. What should you do at night after being overtaken?

11. Which are the two major road signs?

12. What is the meaning of a) Yellow line

      b) White line on the middle of the road

13. What is the meaning of a broken line down the middle of the road

FIND THE ANSWERS here: http://www.zakenya.com/transportation/driving-school-test-questions-test-vi-answers.html


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