Driving School Test Questions TEST VI ANSWERS

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1. When approaching a pedestrian crossing

    - When approaching a bridge

    - At sharp bends

    - At a junction

    - When approaching a railway crossing

    - Where the road is marked single or double continuous lines on the center of the road

    - When the road is narrow

    - When approaching the brow of a hill

2. Driving of unroadworthy vehicles

    - Driving of overloaded vehicles

    - Driving at a igh speed hence poor control

    - Carelessness

3. a) Day time -Approaching the railway crossing during the day you are required to slowdown and look both sides then you listen and if safe, you proceed

    b) At Night - You are required to slow down, dim the lights, look both sides, Try to listen and then proceed if safe. 

4. Seven - Full Lights, Dim times, Parking lights, Brake Lights, Reverse Lights, Indicator Lights and Number plate lights

5. The mirror should always be used, but mostly while overtaking, reversing, turning etc.

6. a) Parking facing uphill- after stopping, you should turn the wheels to face the kerb, then you engage first gear and           pull the hand brake

    b) Parking gacing downhill- after stopping, turn the wheels to face the kerb, engage reverse gear and then you pull the hand brake

7. a) During the day, you should be able to stop your vehicle at a place you can see ahead of you clearly

    b) During the night, you should stop your vehicle at a place you can be able to see ahead within the reach of the               light

8. a) Red and Amber, then Green, Amber and back to Red

    Red means Stop, Red and Amber means Get Ready To Go, Green means proceed, Amber means Get Ready To Stop     When It Turns Red

9. a) Before you overtake, you should alert the dricer by hooting

    b) At Night, you should alert the dricer by flashing your lights

10. A good driver should dim the lights after being overtaken

11. The two signs are STOP Sign and GIVE WAY sign

12.a) The yellow line divides traffic going in the OPPOSITE direction

     b) White line divides traffic going in the SAME direction

13. You can overtake if it is safe



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