Driving School Test Questions TEST V

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Driving TEST V

1. What is coasting?_________________________

2. What is a three point turn? _________________________

3. Describe the warning sign _________________________

4. List down two examples of caravans a) _________________________ b) _________________________

5. Which type of hooting is normally done once? _________________________

6. Write down all mechanical signals of a salon car a) _________________________ b) _________________________

c) _________________________ d) _________________________ e) _________________________

f) _________________________ g)_________________________ h) _________________________

7. Why must all vehicles be insured?_________________________

8. What is the meaning of PDL? _________________________

9. Why is the government interested to introduce speed governors and safety belts? _________________________

10. Tell and draw the difference between end of minimum speed (mandatory signs) and maximum speed limit in town sign (mandatory signs)

11. Class A signs are subdivided into how many groups?_________________________ Name the groups and give at least one example of each.

12. Draw and end of all prohibitions sign. _________________________

13. Explain and draw the difference among the signs of Priority Sign (Stop sign), Compulsory sign (all vehicles must keep left) and Regulatory sign (No Entry). _________________________

14. Name and draw the sign found on a zigzag Road _________________________

15. As a driver, explain how to cross a river bend crossing _________________________

16. Draw the No through way sign. Where do we fond the no through way sign? _________________________

17. What is the difference between a Hazard sign and a portable life saver? Draw each.

18. Draw the sign found at the gate of parking.




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