Driving School Test Questions TEST V ANSWERS

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1. It is driving a vehicle for long with one gear

2. It is to drive a vehicle facing opposite direction with use of reverse and forward gear.

3. They are red in colour, triangular in shape and with apex facing upwards.

4. a) Side Car b) Mobile toilet

5. Warning

6. Headlights, parking lights, brake lights, reverse lights, indicators, number plate lights, interior lights, and hazard lights

7. For security purposes

8. Provisional driving license

9. To maintain a specific speed given on highway according to the vehicle you are driving and to reduce the number of injuries during accidents.

15. One have to know how deep the river is before you cross by deeping the stick in the water.

QUESTIONS TO THE ANSWERS ARE here http://www.zakenya.com/transportation/driving-school-test-questions-test-v.html


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