Driving School Test Questions TEST IV

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Driving Test IV

1. Which gear should we use to start a loaded lorry and Why? _________________________

2. Which is the biggest Roundabout in East Africa? _________________________

3. Why are commercial vehicles taken for inspection? _________________________

4. What is the meaning of MS in driving? _________________________

5. Why is the headlight of motorbikes on always even during the day time? _________________________

6. a) Which signs are circles? _________________________

    b) Which sighs are triangles? _________________________

    c) Which signs have the apex facing upwards? _________________________

7. Why do we observe regulatory signs? _________________________ 

8. What do we call the two major signs in Kenya? _________________________

9. What is the difference between heavy and light commercial vehicles?


10. What is the difference between railway crossing and level crossing? _________________________

11. What is hazard demarcation? __________________________________________________

12. Define the term `horn` _________________________

13. What is hooting? _________________________

14. There are three ways one should hoot when driving. Which ways are these?

    a) _________________________ b) _________________________ c) _________________________

15. How many times are you supposed to hoot when:

    a) Greeting _________________________

    b) Warning _________________________

    c) Abusing _________________________

16. What is the main function of clutch pedal on a vehicle? _________________________

17. Traffic signs are divided into how many groups? _________________________

18. a) When youintend to turn, what distance should you start indicating? _________________________

      b) What is the difference between turning left and passing left? _________________________

19. Define the term engine _________________________

20. What is the main purpose of the following documents:

    a) Driving License _________________________

    b) Insurance Certificate _________________________

    c) Vehicle Inspection Certificate _________________________




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