Driving School Test Questions TEST III ANSWERS

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Driving Test III ANSWERS

1. a) At the center of the road

    b) Where there is a No Parking sign

    c) At the junction

    d) At the bus stops

2. It`s a mobile car without engine pulled with an engine car and it can be used for accommodation

3. a) Night- Stop, deem light, listen, if there is no sound, proceed

    b) Day time- Stop, look left and right, listen if there is no sound, proceed

4. a) Approaching the Round about with wrong lane

    b) Changing lanes on the roundabout

    c) Leaving the roundabout to the wrong lane

    d) Observing traffic from the wrong side

5. You check wheels, lights, steering wheel, brakes and mirrors

6. Alert and at a speed of which he can control and stop in case of emergency


8. You should proceed if you had crossed the stop sign

9. Left: Drive at extreme left

    Right: Drive at extreme right

10. You should go to the direction shown by the arrows

11. Pickups/lorries, trailers

12. Reverse Gear. Because it has no any other alternative gear

13. Right side, it`s near danger

14. Slow down

- Start indicating light

- If it`s clear you overtake

- After overtaking you indicate to your left and keep to your side

15. You should obey police because he is under mandatory

16. It`s a road where bumps are put closely together

17. (Yield)

18. A Street is a road where buildings are found along

     An Avenue is a road where vegetation is found along

19. Flushing Amber means control yourself

20. Hazard light


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