Driving School Test Questions TEST II

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Driving Test II

1. Name four places you can NOT stop?

a) _____________________ b) _____________________ c) _____________________

d) _____________________

2. What is a vehicle? __________________________________________

3. What is a lane? __________________________________________

4. Where should you NOT overtake? a) _____________________ b) _____________________

c) _____________________

5. Where does the law require you to stop?

a) _____________________ b) _____________________ c) _____________________

6. Who is a pedestrian? __________________________________________

7. When do you use the mirror when driving? __________________________________________

8. Which distance should you keep between two moving vehicles in town? _____________________

9. What is the meaning of the letters EAK found at the outer cover of a driving license? _____________________

10. How can a driver control himself in an uncontrolled Round About? _____________________

11. Write down four DONT`S of holding a steering wheel a) _____________________

b) _____________________ c) _____________________ d) _____________________

12. What is the name given to anybody carrying a sign of STOP CHILDREN CROSSING?


13. Why do we normally press down the clutch peddles while engaging gears? ___________________________

14. What must you NOT do when being overtaken? __________________________________________

15. When can you overtake from left? a) _____________________ b) _____________________

c) _____________________

16. When do we deem our lights at night? a) _____________________ b) _____________________

c) _____________________

17. Where should you NOT hoot? a) _____________________ b) _____________________

c) _____________________ d) _____________________

18. What time do you usually switch on the lights in the evening? a) _____________________

b) _____________________ 

19. What do you do before getting out of the vehicle? _____________________

20. What are the four importnat parts to be maintained in a car?

a) _____________________ b) _____________________ c) _____________________

d) _____________________




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