Driving School Test Questions TEST I

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Driving Test I

1. What is the rule of the Road in Kenya? ___________________

2. Name three documents which must be valid before you are allowed to drive

a)  ___________________ b)  ___________________ c)  ___________________

3. Which side do you overtake from?  ___________________

4. When can you put on the lights during the day?

a)  ___________________ b)  ___________________ c) ___________________

5. Which Vehicles have the right of way

a)  ___________________ b)  ___________________ c)  ___________________

d)  ___________________

6. Which is the maximum speed limit in town?  ___________________

7. What is the maximum speed limit on highway for 

a) Pick-ups/Lorries  ___________________ b) Cars  ___________________

c) Trailers  ___________________

8. When are you not allowed to drive despite having the three valid required documents?

a)  _________________________ b)  ________________________ 

c)  _________________________

9. What is the highway code?  ___________________

10. What do you look for when driving past stationary vehicles?  ___________________

11. What are the four important tools you have to carry when driving for a safari?

a)  ___________________ b)  ___________________ c)  ___________________

d)  ___________________

12. Name four causes of accidents in Kenya.

a)  ___________________ b)  ___________________ c)  ___________________

d)  ___________________

13. How many wheels does a saloon car have ?  ___________________

14. How many eyes does a driver have?  ___________________

15. What should you do first when receiving your driving license for the first time?


16. When there is a white continuous line down a one way traffic road, what does it mean?


17. Within which period should an accident be reported at a police station in Kenya?


18. What is a pedestrian Crossing?  ___________________

19. What are the rules of the model town board?

a)  ___________________

b)  ___________________

c)  ___________________

20. Green Colour on the traffic light means go, expect when?





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