Driving School Test Questions TEST I ANSWERS

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Driving Test I Answers

1. To keep left unless overtaking

2. a) Valid driving license

    b) Valid insurance certificate

    c) Valid vehicle inspection certificate

3. Right side

4. a) When it is foggy

    b) During heavy rainfall

    c) When it is misty

    d) During emergency

5. a) Ambulance with a siren

    b) Fire Engine with a siren

    c) Presidential escort with a siren

    d) Police car with a siren

6. 50km/hr

7. a) Pick-up / lorries = 80km/hr

    b) Cars = 110km/hr

    c) Trailers = 65km/hr

8. a) When you are sick

    b) Drunk

    c) Under drugs fatigue

9. A booklet checked and passed by the parliament for rules of road users.

10. Opening of doord, Pedestrian crossing

11. a) Car jack

      b) Spare Wheel

      c) Spotlight

12. a) Drunkenness

      b) Over speeding

      c) overloading

      d) Carelessness

13. Five (Four moving and one spare)

14. Three (Two natural and one artificial)

15. Check all the details and sign in ink pen

16. No changing lanes

17. As soon as possible but within 24 hours

18. A safe crossing provided for the safe use of pedestrians

19. a) Use the shortest and the most correct route without using the parking

      b) Use the longest and the most correct route without using the parking

      c) Use parking if there is no any other route

20. a) When there is oncoming vehicle from right

      b) When stopped by a police officer


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