Car Hiring Services In Nairobi, Kenya

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The car hiring business has grown in leaps and bounds in Kenya and more so Nairobi. Car Hiring is one the booming businesses in Kenya today. Somehow a solution has been found to persons who want to chauffeur themselves but do not have their own cars in Nairobi. Nowadays, with the cash in hand, you can rent a car in Nairobi for as long as you want. This saves you the hustle and bustle experienced by public service car users in Kenya.

Hiring a car in Nairobi goes for as little as KSH 2,500 per day depending on the car hiring company and the make of the car you want to hire. This cost withstanding, you are expected to fuel the car and return it promptly once the duration of lease has expired to the hiring company in Nairobi. You, as the leaser of a car in Nairobi, are again held responsible for any damage or loss occurring within the lease period.

There are many companies in Kenya that offer vehicle renting and leasing services. Most of the vehicle leasers in Kenya, however, are usually individual car owners who want to make money out of their four wheels. For the 2 wheel tarmac suited cars, there are not as many registered companies in Kenya as for the safari cars.  Examples of car hire companies in Nairobi include:

VAELL Company in Nairobi

VAELL, which stands for Vehicle And Equipment Leasing Limited, is a car hiring company in Nairobi which is located along Mombasa Road in Gold Rock Building. The Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Company in Nairobi deals with leasing and renting vehicles, and vehicular equipment mainly in bulk and for long periods of time to Nairobi residents. VAELL Company also has offices in Karen Park Building on Ngong Road in Nairobi, just Opposite St Christopher School. online, VAELL company has a website

Active Car Hire and Safaris Company in Nairobi

Active Car Hire Company in Nairobi mainly deals with leasing cars for self-drive safari use such as 4 wheel drives ideal for rough terrains. The Active Car Hire Company also provides 25 seater minibuses as well as overload trucks. They also offer hiring services in Kenya for saloon cars and Toyota Prado’s for town businesses on both long and short terms. The Active Car Hire Company has its main offices located in Nairobi city center along Standard Street.

Kenyan Car Rentals Company in Nairobi

Kenyan Car Rentals is an online car rental system in Kenya where you can identify a car online and make reservations as to when you would like to rent it and for how long. You can also be provided with a chauffeur in case you do not know how to drive yet. Kenyan car rentals can be accessed via

Clearly, car hiring business is a niche that has been identified and exploited in Kenya. You can actually be in possession of a car, legally without being its owner in Kenya. Car renting in Kenya is an affluent and thriving business today.

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