Bus Companies Which Operate At Night In Kenya

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It was last year when the ministry of transportation burned the idea of night travels. This was attributed by high number of accidents on roads claiming many lives of Kenyans. Therefore the ministry of transportation took an initiative of withdrawing the night travels as a way of reducing the number of accidents.

Although this was a nice idea, it affected the transport sector because people could not travel the same day due to availability of few public service vehicles which can travel to long distance towns such as Mombasa to Kakamega town. The ministry set the rules which need to be adhered to before the night license is issued. This license is issued by the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) in Kenya. First, the buses need to have two drivers who are verified and given driving license of travelling at night.

Some bus companies in Kenya have gone tremendous miles in trying to attain compliance levels for public vehicles service and they have achieved the requirement for night travel. The transport cabinet secretary of the republic of Kenya Michael Kamau yesterday (9th June, 2014) confirmed that there are seven buses which have been granted night travel license and therefore passengers can now be able to travel at night using the buses.

The bus companies that were approved and given night travel license are:

  • Modern Coast Bus Company.

  • Mash Bus Company.

  • Guardian Bus Company.

  • Easy Coach Bus Company.

  • North Rift.

  • Transline.

  • Eldoret Sacco.

The above mentioned bus companies contributes to a total of three hundred and thirty eight vehicles and this means that many people can now be able to plan their night travels. The vehicles have been licensed to travel from 9 pm to 6 am. The ministry of transport in Kenya expects all the approved vehicles that travel at night to be caution on the road to avoid more accidents.

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