Best Roads in Kenya

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The road is the best in Kenya joining Nairobi city and the industrial town Thika. It is well built by the experts from China and it’s also an 8lane road. Several businesses surround the road making entrepreneurs to be interested in the areas around the road. The road serves several functions including video shooting for majority of Kenyan musicians. Several universities, including Jomo Kenyatta and Kenyatta University are also found along the road.It is 40km in length.


The road begins in Cape Town in South Africa and extends up to Cairo in Egypt.It supports various business transactions around the areas that it passes. The road is well built and supports the various forms of road transport from vehicles to human handcarts. Few accidents have been witnessed making it be counted as a top and safe road in the country.


The road was constructed by the help of mumias Sugar Company and has since been used as a great source of transport in the western parts of the country. The road ha several schools including mumias school for the deaf and booker academy being located alongside it. It is well constructed with good light system making it safe and good to be used.


Connects two major cities in Kenya Nairobi and Mombasa. The road has had several accidents but the role it plays in business transactions makes it be very important in the country. It joins several estates in Nairobi and has various government projects surrounding it. The road has attracted the attention of many musicians and has good light systems.


The road links travelers that visit the city of Nairobi mostly for business transactions. It is broad and can support several types of vehicles at one time. The road offers view of Lake Elementaita making it essential to be used as a gateway to reach the place. The road is flat and well built that makes transport from Nakuru town to the city easy.

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