Best Air Transport Services In Kenya

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Tavelling by air is becoming a growing trend among a large number of kenyan travellors that visit different destinations for the puposes of attending to different kinds of services.It is good that anyone wishing to travel by air should visit the following places that have the best airtransport facilities.

JomoKenyattta International Airport

It is the biggest and most busy airport in the country and has many number of people leaving in and out of the country.Many people use it for flying to different places across the world and the services at the place are among the best one can ever get in the east african market.The place is expanding on a daily basis and there is need for the government to cater for the expansion.It is good also for domestic travellors.The airport is found in nairobi around embakasi.

Wilson Airport

It is next to the carnivore grounds and has been known to be one of the fastest growing in the country.It has good planes that are assignened good pilots that cater for the needs of the customers of the place.Wilson is good especially for the domestic tourists that keep travelling to the diffrent parts of the country and need a very short duration of time.

Kisumu International airport

Found in kisumu city around lake victoria,it is good and very clean that keeps attracting kenyans from diffrent places to visit the town and find ways of travelling back to their destinations within a short period of time.It was expanded during the leadership of president kibaki and has since grown.

Moi international airport 

Found in mombasa city and belived to be the second largest and best in the country.Moi is mostly used by tourists that come each and everyday to the place to see many kinds of services offered at the place.One should use it when at the coastal places of kenya


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