BebaPay Card Use On Matatu Transportation Within Nairobi In Kenya

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Kenya keep on revolving and becoming a technologically proficient country as time goes by. Equity bank in Kenya, together with Google has provided Kenyans with a chance to pay for matatus and merchandise using cards in Kenya. This is an easier way of making the bulky way of carrying around cash escapable in Kenya. One can now just carry a card and electronically pay for everything using it, without having to withdraw cash from banks or mobile phones in Kenya to do so.

Kenya is now catching up on levels of innovations especially where Consumers can now enjoy quick and easy cashless bus ticketing with BebaPay cards: convenient for both passengers and operators. In Nairobi, on 30th May 2013, this change occurred which made the population have a way of paying through BebaPay cards in matatus in Nairobi. On this service of BebaPay, Nairobi residents can sign up for the card through Equity bank in Kenya, and top up with Equity agents all over Nairobi. Customers of BebaPay in Kenya can also top up the cards through mobile money in Kenya too.

BebaPay in Kenya resolves the problem most Kenyans face of forgetting or getting the wrong change in Matatus around Nairobi. This one would see as a minor problem, but it is usually terrifying and disappointing having forgotten change or having been given the wrong amount in the matatu in Nairobi. It has not been once that I have given a tout shs 1000 and forgot to take my change. So when I heard about this BebaPay service in Kenya, I totally embraced it. It is the first payments system of its kind for Kenya after all. This service by Equity Bank in Kenya really took the needs of the consumers in Kenya into consideration. BebaPay has filled a gap that had been there in Kenya.

This BebaPay service makes it easy to pay for bus fare and helps you budget and keep track of your spending at a manageable level. All customers of Bebapay in Kenya swipe the card on the rider from an android phone. Once a Kenyan pays fare or for a commodity, a free SMS is sent to their mobile phone. The BebaPay website in Kenya enables ease of controlling the budget used on transport through a mobile phone or a computer.

The changes in transport and communication sectors in Kenya will lead us to eventually have electronic trains and other means which the world is at. The young in Kenya should be encouraged to become entrepreneurs in Kenya today to ensure that great ideas which only exist as ideas are developed into businesses. The current government of Kenya is encouraging the youth, women and men to access funds easily for instance through Uwezo fund, to ensure that the capital to implement ideas is availed. Through utilizing such opportunities, Kenya will eventually be the centre of eligible businesses which will attract investors to Kenya and make the economy grow at a significant level.

BebaPay in Kenya makes life comfortable for all, we should embrace it! Technology changes lives to a better level.

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