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Nairobi Technical Training Institute Programs

Nairobi Technical Training Institute was started in 1950s as a modern high school for Asians. The institute is managed by board of Governors who oversees its operations. It offers training up to diploma levels; with the training mainly being in Information technology and engineering that are crucial in reaching the goals of Kenya Vision 2030.

This institute has maintained high level of performance as it operates under quality management system that led to its certification by the Bureau of standards. Nairobi Technical Training Institute has established reliable collaboration with ot  Continue reading ...

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Problems Affecting the City of Nairobi


The problem of insecurity has continued to be a major and big issue affecting the people of Nairobi area. It has now been a longtime since various efforts in establishing stable security in the city have continually failed to excel. Nairobi has a lot of unemployed youth some of which venture into crime as a way of getting their daily basic needs and money to survive.


The city has the largest number of people when it comes to urbanization in the country. Many families in Nairobi are desperately sharing a single room that serves all the ba  Continue reading ...

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Tuition Centers in Nairobi: for best exam grades

Most tuition will train students who belong to the following education level Pre-school, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12.

Webbz Tuition Center

The Tuition Centre is located in Kileleshwa it caters for children in the ages of 5–13 and 13–18. They help children get the important content for the preparation of their national and international examinations the student is equipped with basic academic information. It is a private tuition center that has the  Continue reading ...

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Tallest Buildings in Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi being the capital city of Kenya hosts the tallest buildings in the country all of which serve the needs of its citizens. The city has 10 buildings that have a height of over 80m.History of building tall buildings started becoming active in the city around the years of 1960 period that included the first skyscraper boom. It is during the period that many other buildings started to be constructed and continuing to expand till the present time. The following list provides some of the tallest buildings in Nairobi Kenya.

Times Tower

Also referred to us   Continue reading ...

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Top Shopping Joints in Nairobi

Best shopping centers in Nairobi

Sarit Centre

Found in westlands, the place is big with a lot of business products that any customer can buy. Sarit is a good place for one to do their shopping mostly because of the friendly clean environment and the customer friendly services. It is spacious enough to accommodate a lot of residents in one time.

Yaya Centre

The place is big and found around the major areas near hurlinggham. It is clean and has faster operations taking place for the purposes of ensuring that customers are well situated and their needs atten  Continue reading ...

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Famous Slums of Nairobi


Found in Lang’ata, the slum is believed to be second largest in Africa after Soweto in South Africa. Kibera has a lot of residents that continue to live in desparet conditions. Housing is poor and the families have to share a single room and more worse when they are large in number. Criminal activity is quite high indicating that security is a major challenge to the people. The government has taken steps to ensure that the living conditions of the residents are improved and that everyone enjoys good life.


The  Continue reading ...

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Startimes offices In Kenya

With the move of Kenya from analogue television to digital television over 4 million Kenyans are in need of mandatory connection to a digital network. Numerous Kenyans are confused at the type of digital boxes they should obtain and exactly where they should obtain them. With that in mind many Kenyans however are considering pay TV as an option in the migration procedure. Star times TV is a pay TV option that was introduced in Kenya in the last decade. Approved by the communication commission of Kenya help digitize Kenya by the end of 2012. It offers affordable decoders at reasonable prices  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CEBIB) in the University of Nairobi.

Biotechnology is a field that tries to produce useful products from living organism while bioinformatics is another field of knowledge that deals with development of software’s which is then used to generate important biological use. These two fields are making use of technology in manipulating living organisms in one way or another.

At undergraduate levels, learners are involved in many fields of biology and technology (practical). Once you study biotechnology at advance level (postgraduate level), it turns to specialty area where people major in a specific area of their inte  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication in the University if Nairobi.

Without the media, any given country will be in a total darkness. This is because people will not be informed of any news or events occurring in the country. If you look at the occurrences which are happening in Kenya at the moment such as Al-shabab attacks, you will appreciate the role of media sector because they keep Kenyans informed of all news required. Therefore, media has played a role informing and educating people. They are also involved in advertising jobs and products of various industries.

The people involved in the preparation of news, collection of reports and broadcas  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Nairobi.

Kenya is a country that depends largely in agriculture for both food and industrial raw materials. Agriculture here in Kenya contributes to almost 80 % of the country’s economy. This ensures that the government spends a lot of money in the ordering of many fertilizers from outside countries and at the same time ensuring that there are proper equipments for storage of farmers produce. We have seen Kenya exporting flowers to outside countries such as UK everyday hence earning income.

In trying to promote agriculture in Kenya, university of Nairobi have elaborate course in agricu  Continue reading ...