8 years ago

Best sites to Post free Classified Ads in Kenya

Best sites to Post free Classified Ads in Kenya

Buying and selling goods especially second- hand goods is most common as many people after acquiring new goods see no need of keeping the old ones. This have therefore increased the demand of websites and market places to be able to buy, sell and advertise these goods. These sites have been established and through them, many people have been able to secure employment through them. Some people buy goods through these websites and again post them through the same websites turning it to a form of business venture.

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9 years ago

Various Income Generating Sites In Kenya

There are a lot of Kenyans who are unemployed and are yearning for a chance to earn. If you have access to the internet in Kenya, you will not miss the websites in Kenya from which you can earn money through online participation such as betting, writing reviews for products and essay writing. These Kenya sites require commitment in terms of time. Although there are some of the sites in Kenya which are scam, there exist ones which can earn you some money here in Kenya. Some of the sites in Kenya where people can register to get freelancing jobs in Kenya include;

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