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Courses Offered At Meru University School Of Health Sciences

In the mid 1960s, the council of elders of Meru people (Njuri Ncheke) had already conceived the idea of establishing an institution of higher learning in Meru. They set aside 6641 acres of land that would go towards fulfilling their vision. Meru College of Technology was founded and since then it has expanded to become a notable institution of higher learning. There are various programmes offered at Meru University School of Health Sciences. These are:

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

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Undergraduate Courses Offered At Meru University School Of Business And Economics

In 2008, Meru Universty of Science and Technology was established as a constituent college of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Since its establishment, Meru University has been offering various post graduate, undergraduate, diploma and certificate courses. The School of Business and Economics is especially well versed in offering Business and Economics courses. There are several undergraduate courses offered at the School of Business and Economics. These are:

Bachelor of Business Information Technology

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Meru University School OF Business And Economics Post Graduate Admission Criteria

A few years ago, pursuing a Masters course was seen as a privilege of just a few individuals in Kenya. However, as the competition in the job market intensified, more Kenyans began taking up post graduate courses to boost their chances of securing employment and qualifying for job promotions. Business courses are especially attractive as Kenya gears for a 24 hour economy and more and more individuals delve into the world of self employment. Meru University offers two post graduate courses under the School of Business and Economics. These are:

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Contacts Of National Police Service Commission Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

National Police Service Commission in Kenya can be contacted via telephone number 0203261304.

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Contacts Of Meru County Government Offices In Kenya

Meru County in Kenya has its Meru County Government Headquarters located in Meru Town.

The postal address of Meru County Governement Headquarters is P.O. Box 120-60200, Meru.

The email address of Meru County offices is

The mobile contacts of Meru County Assembly offices are 0722341328 and 0720088043.

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Police Telephone Contacts Of Various Police Stations In Kenya

Police ...................................................................... 112/999

CID Headquarters in Nairobi ....................................... 3648000/90

Police Headquaters in Nairobi ..................................... 2440000

Nairobi Area Province Police ........................................ 2717777

Nairobi Province Police Control Room ........................... (020) 2724154

Nairobi Central Police Station ...................................... (020)2216183

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Newly Enforced KWS National Park Charges In Kenya

Kenya tourism sector has undergone changes recently in January 2014, following the introduction of the 16% VAT on tourism services which marked increase in conservation fees. This led to increased park rates including:

Entry Fee to National Parks in Kenya

The entry charges at Amboseli National Park in Kenya and Nakuru National Park in Kenya are USD 90 per person per night and USD 55 per child per night. The entry charges to Meru National Park in Kenya and Kora National park in Kenya are USD 75 per person per night and USD 40 per child per night. The entry charges to Nairob  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Karen Hospital In Nairobi And Services Offered At The Karen Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

Health care in Kenya is one of the important services to Humans and is almost a basic need. The healthcare service   Continue reading ...

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Location Of Shopping Malls And Supermarkets In Meru Town In Kenya

Meru County in Kenya is located in 240 km North of Nairobi. Meru town, which is in North Imenti constituency, is the Meru county headquarters in Kenya. Meru county in Kenya has witnessed a steady increase in the population just like many other parts of the country. This has led to the need for the provision of shopping facilities in Meru County, which act as one stop shops for the residents of Meru in Kenya.

Various shopping malls and supermarkets in Meru town in Kenya have come up. These supermarkets in Meru parts of Kenya include: Uchumi, Tuskys, Nakumatt, Quick budget stores and   Continue reading ...

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Gakoromone, Soko Mjinga And Makutano Markets In Meru Town In Kenya

Meru Town in Kenya is located approximately 250km away from the city of Nairobi and is in Meru County, one of the main food baskets of Kenya. The good weather of Meru Town in Kenya creates very favorable conditions for a very wide variety of crops to do well. This in turn leads to high production of food crops and vegetables in Meru county in Kenya (mainly Bananas, Potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, arrow roots etc) and thus the need for a market to enable the sale of the produce.

With the production of these products increasing in Meru Kenya, so has the development of market places in M  Continue reading ...

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Matatus And The Route To Use While Travelling From Nairobi City To Meru Town In Kenya

The approximate distance from the city of Nairobi to Meru Town in Kenya is 250 km. The most convenient mode of transport to Meru Town in Kenya from Nairobi is by Traveling by bus or commonly referred to as ‘matatus’. The Matatu or buses to Meru from Nairobi city are found in downtown area of Nairobi along the Accra Road.

Along the Accra Road in Nairobi, the street in Nairobi has a variety of ‘matatus’ to Meru which vary depending on their carrying capacity. The matatus to Meru vary from fourteen sitter, ten sitter and forty two sitter matatus in Nairobi. The   Continue reading ...

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Most Popular Television Stations In Kenya Today

Back in the day, there was only one television station that broadcasted all over Kenya. The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation was established during the colonial era. KCB was the only television station in Kenya then. It was renamed the Voice of Kenya and was the mouthpiece of the Kenyan government at the time. The station was later renamed to The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as it had been initially, to show its linkage to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

During that era, there were many local programs aired on KBC such as “Vitimbi” and “Vioja”. So  Continue reading ...

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Safaricom Customer Care Services In Kenya

Safaricom is the most used mobile network in Kenya. Safaricom in Kenya is well established and connected. Safaricom has customer care services in all the major towns in Kenya for instance in Nairobi, Nyeri, Nakuru, Eldoret, Maua, Garissa, Meru, Nanyuki, Embu, Thika, Kisumu, Kisii, Malindi, Mombasa near Moi international Airport, Diani, Naivasha, Narok, Bungoma, Kakamega, Kitale and other towns in Kenya.

Safaricom has many services available for their customers in Kenya and East Africa. Mobile banking through Safaricom is done through M-pesa and M-shwari. Safaricom is also known  Continue reading ...