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Contacts Of Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) Offices In Nairobi

Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has offices located in National Housing Corporation House found along Aghakahan Walk in Nairobi.

The postal address of Kenya National Examination Council offices is P.O. Box 73598-00200, Nairobi.

The email address of Kenya National Examination Council is info@knec.ac.ke.

The telephone contacts of Kenya National Examination Council are 020317412.

The website of Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) is at http://w  Continue reading ...

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How To Register With KASNEB And Pay For KASNEB CPA Exams In Kenya

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Kenya is the most sought after qualification of all KASNEB exams in Kenya. This is not without reason as everyone needs some accounting knowledge in Kenya, especially business owners in Kenya. However, a good number of would be students of KASNEB in Kenya miss chances to register for KASNEB CPA exams in Kenya due to lack of understanding about the KASNEB exams registration process and dates in Kenya. The KASNEB CPA exam in Kenya is administered twice a year. The months KASNEB exams are done are May/June and November/December KASNEB exam cycles in Ken  Continue reading ...

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Where To Register For CPA Examinations In Kenya; Location Of KASNEB Offices In KASNEB Towers In Nairobi

In Kenya, Accountants are among the most paid professionals, which has attracted many students in Kenya to pursue CPA course in Kenya. With many colleges and universities in Kenya offering accounting courses to Kenyans,  the number of accountants in Kenya has been on the increase. A fully qualified accountant in Kenya is supposed to have both accounting degree in Kenya and to be a holder of CPA (K) or CPA (international) from KASNEB in Kenya. After having both certificates, one is also required to register   Continue reading ...

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Leaning Curriculum At The Greensteds International School In Nakuru Town In Kenya

The Greensteds International School in Kenya is one of the Kenyan Schools that teach based on a non-Kenyan Curriculum. The Greensteds International School in Kenya is located a few kilometres from Nakuru town in Kenya on the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. The Greensteds International School in Kenya uses the national curriculum of Wales and England as the basis for teaching.

The Greensteds International School in Nakuru consists of both junior and senior schools. The Greensteds International junior school in Kenya refers to w  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Brook House International School In Nairobi, Kenya

Brook House International School is famous in Kenya as it hosted the 2013 presidential debate before the much awaited elections in March 2013. For most Kenyans, Brook House International School in Kenya did not exist until the debate date about elections in Kenya. However, Brook House International School in Kenya has been in operation for a long time. Brook House International School is a coeducational school that offers both day and boarding learning options in Kenya.

Brook House International School in Kenya is located approximately 9 kilometres from  Continue reading ...

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How And Where To Register For CPA Examinations In Kenya: KASNEB Offices In Nairobi

Kenya in the last couple of years has seen considerable economic growth, with which new businesses and new employment opportunities arise in Kenya. Every business in Kenya is in need of a qualified accountants whose main purpose is to keep and analyze financial records. Accountants in Kenya acquire training in order to be skilled through doing Certified Public Accounts Examinations in Kenya. To be employed as a qualified accountant in Kenya, one has to have certificates that are recognized in Kenya.

In Kenya, the most accredited accounting examination body is KASNEB. Inaugurated in   Continue reading ...

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The Top Professional Examinations In Kenya

There are various professional examinations in Kenya which are administered by different exam bodies within Kenya. The courses offered by these examination bodies in Kenya transforms one to the ladder of being a profession and  qualified persons in Kenya who can acquire jobs within Kenya and the outside world. The courses in Kenya are in high demand because of their international recognition. The top most professional courses in Kenya include;

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Kenya

Certified Public Accountant is a board in Kenya that regulates professionals in the  Continue reading ...

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International Schools In Kenya

In terms of education, Kenya is one country that has several education opportunities to cater to the different people. This article focuses on the international schools that is not only common with expatriates but also Kenyans who feel they prefer to try other systems other than the national curriculum that is 8.4.4 and also makes it easier for those that wish to pursue  their studies abroad.

We shall look at some of the common schools and the services they offer to the students in Kenya.

Braeside School in Kenya

Braeside School in Kenya is a co-educational in  Continue reading ...