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Contacts Of Visiting Courts In Kenya (Not Permanent Courts)

The Not Permanent courts in Kenya include;

Moyale Court in Kenya postal address P.O. Box 266, Moyale. The telephone contacts of Moyale Visiting Court is 069 2047

Wajir Court in Kenya postal address is P.O. Box 134, Wajir. The telephone contacts of Wajir Visiting court is 046421440.

The Mandera Court in Kenya postal address is P.O. Box 428, Mandera. The telephone contacts of Mandera Visiting Court is 0462079.

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List Of Courts In Kenya

Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi postal address is P.O. Box 30420-00100, Nairobi .................. 0202715927, 0202715929

Makadara Chief Magistrate Courts in Kenya postal address P.O. Box 17172, Nairobi ..............  0208007170

Kibera Sr Magistrate`s Courts in Nairobi postal address P.O. Box 21039, Nairobi ................... 0202357862

Juvinile Resident Magistrate`s Court in Nairobi postal address P.O. Box 30041, Nairobi ..........  0202223471

City Hall Resident Magistrate`s Court postal address P.O. Box 49612, Nairobi ....................... 0202  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Kenya ICT Board Offices In Nairobi

Kenya ICT Board offices in Nairobi are located in Telposta Towers on the 12th Floor in Kenyatta Avenue.

Kenya ICT Board offices postal address is P.O. Box 27150-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Kenya ICT Board in Nairobi are 0202211960 and 0202089061.

The email address of Kenya ICT Board is

The website of Kenya ICT Board is at

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National Crime Research Centre In Nairobi

National Crime Research Centre offices can be reached on postal address  P.O. Box 21180-00100 Nairobi. The National Crime Research Centre email address is

National Crime Research Centre offices are on Block A of the 19th Floor of Social Security House on Bishops Road in Nairobi

You can contact National Crime Research Centre via telephone number (020) 2716762 or (020) 2716764. National Crime Research Centre website is at Continue reading ...

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Various Kenya Police Stations Where To Report Crime Within The Nairobi CBD Area In Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital is a vast city. As such, no one can really keep track of everything that happens in various parts of the city of Nairobi.  One thing that is for sure is that Nairobi is full of many unsolved crimes in Kenya. People are mugged, robbed, drugged and killed every other day both within the city of Nairobi and in the suburbs.  However, the fact is that crime rates in Kenya especially within the Nairobi CBD have been on an exponential rise over the past couple of years. Many people in Kenya are rather insecure when walking around the Nairobi city streets an  Continue reading ...

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Tips On The Rational Steps To Take When A Grievous Accusation Is Made In Kenya

Deny! Deny! Deny! That seems to be the motto whenever a serious accusation or a dispute in Kenya is brought to the attention of those in a position of authority in Kenya. The culture of impunity in Kenya still rides high despite efforts to terminate it. The name of an institution in Kenya is often placed first and those who seek to report a serious matter are often criticized for ‘wanting to ruin the good name’ of the said institution. However, as more Kenyans get to know their rights in Kenya, simply brushing off a grievous matter will not be enough. So, as an institution, what  Continue reading ...