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Nazareth Medical College in Kenya.

Nazareth medical college is one of the medical colleges in Kenya that trains health care providers. This institution is a mission based college that is managed by Catholic Church. It is located in Nairobi city. It was begun in 2005 as an initiative of Franciscan sisters of immaculate Heath of Mary.

Nazareth began offering distance learning to upgrading enrolled nursing that takes two and half years but now, it is offering a diploma course in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN). This course is the longest diploma in Kenya because full training takes a minimum of three a  Continue reading ...

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KAM School of Health and Beauty in Kenya.

Beauty is what ladies in Kenya and the entire world value most because they want to be seen beautiful and some of them use this as an important tool to seduce men. Although aspect of beauty is majorly put in the line of women, men also want to be seen as also handsome. There are many ways in which women may decide to look or keep themselves beautiful. These include:

  • By putting on a beautiful dress.

  • By designing a smart hair style.

  • Using of cosmetics.

For the ladies to look beautiful by using the above ways t  Continue reading ...

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Private Institutions That Offer Diploma In Nursing In Kenya

There are over thirty seven (37) private colleges that train nurses at diploma level in Kenya. They act to supplement the government colleges that also offer diploma in nursing. These private colleges offer courses which have been approved by Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK). Diploma in Nursing in most colleges is known as Kenya registered community health nursing (KRCHN).

The private colleges that offer nursing at diploma level usually have their own hospitals and their students practice from the same hospital. The students who are trained from the private institutions perform well b  Continue reading ...

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Software Technology College in Kenya: Study for well- paying jobs

Call Corporate Associate: +254720100220

The institute is located in Nairobi CBD, all the courses are geared to making the student job ready and job opportunities are guaranteed after completion of the courses. The college trains employees of different companies in relation to Oracle database training, ICDL,Oracle developer training, Red hat Linux administration, Suse Linux, Appin front runner and java programming. Their mode of training is flexible and onsite training. Institute of software Technologies is the only Oracle approved Education center in East and cent  Continue reading ...

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Beauty and Fashion Colleges in Kenya

Timeless Beauty College offers various courses in beauty therapy. The training is comprehensive to guarantee job opportunities upon graduation. Diploma in Beauty Anatomy, physiology and massage, the course gives a deep knowledge in beauty and how to use cosmetics and chemicals appropriately. This course is meant for those who want to be beauty professionals. Certificate in Beauty therapy, the course covers class work and practical sessions, the student is prepared to fully understand beauty and care in general. The duration  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered at the Institute Of Advanced Technology

With the advancement and the use of technology in our everyday life, training ids deemed a necessity. However as there are many colleges that apparently offer training it is difficult to know what is fake what isn’t and if what they teach is even relevant. Institute of advanced technology is a private university that has been accredited by the commission of higher education to offer adequate up to date training to individuals. Established in 1991 it has over time proved a master in its niche of offering quality education without fail.

Courses offered at institute of A  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered in Elite Teachers College -Kibwezi

The college is located in Kibwezi along Mombasa road, the environment of study is conducive for any learner and the hostel facilities are built with modern technologies for both men and women willing to study in kenya . There is constant supply of electricity and water. The college trains teachers in the following areas; Diploma in special needs education, diploma in ECDE and Certificate in ECDE and SNE.

Special needs education prepares teachers to adapt to teaching programs of students with special needs, the students develop a duty to effectively communicate with children with dis  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered at Kabete Technical Institute

Kabete Technical institute is Located in Kabete next to Uthiru Nairobi. It offers various technical courses; the Craft courses include Carpentry, Cooperative management, Secretarial studies, Electrical installation and engineering, Information technology, Laboratory technology, automotive mechanic, Plumbing and Welding. Professional courses include Business management and administration, Banking course, Building, Civil engineering, CPA 1&2, Electronic technology, Environmental studies, Information technology, KATC, Mechanics and mechanical engineering,   Continue reading ...

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Courses offered in NIBS: the best business college in Nairobi

Nairobi institute of business studies NIBS is a kenya private institution, it is registered as a post secondary learning institution and as a private limited company. Nairobi institute of business studies NIBS offers courses in different fields of study. There are different departments including which include; department of business studies, department of secretarial studies, school of accountancy, department of journalism and media studies, department of computer sciences, school of tourism and hospitality, department of community development and social work and department of legal studies  Continue reading ...

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Medical and Health College Thika

The students’ enquiries are done throughout the year and the annual intake is in the month of January, May and September, registration process is simple and the registration fee is one thousand shillings only. Apply through Thika School of Medical Sciences, P. O Box 429 01000 Thika, Telephone Number: +254 020-2166281.

In the department of health sciences, courses offered include; Diploma and certificate of Environmental science, Diploma and certificate in Nutrition and dietetics, this course equips the student with skills related to nutrition profession, entry requirement is g  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At The Kenya Institute Of Management, Nairobi, Kenya

The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) has been operational since 1954 and it continues to help thousands of students to achieve educational excellence in the field of management. Owing to the different courses and schedules, the school’s intake is done in January, April, July and September.

Courses offered at KIM, Nairobi, Kenya

Bridging Course In Management

The Kenya Institute of Management offers a bridging course in management. This caters to those who did not manage to acquire the needed grade of C- and it takes a period of 3 months. The total fees am  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of MultiMedia University Of Kenya

MultiMedia University of Kenya is located in Magadi Road, Opposite KWS Mbagathi Gate and next to Ongata Rongai in Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of MultiMedia University of Kenya in Nairobi are 254 20 2071392/3/1 and Mobile 254-724257083 and 254-735900008. The Fax is +254 20 2071247. 

The email address of MultiMedia University of Kenya in Nairobi is

The website of MultiMedia University of Kenya is at

  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of United States International University (USIU) In Nairobi,

United States International University is an institution of higher learning in Kenya located off Thika Road in Kasarani part of Nairobi.

The telephone contact of United States International University is 3606000. The Fax Details are 0203606100.

The email address of USIU in Nairobi is

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Contacts Of Embakasi Training Institute In Nairobi, Kenya

Embakasi Training Institute in Kenya is located in Embakasi Estate in Nairobi.

The postal address of Embakasi Training Institute in Nairobi is P.O. Box 19284-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Embakasi Training Institute are (020)8223216, (020)2042712 and (020)2098054.

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2014 University Ranking In Kenya

During 2014 university ranking in Africa, University of Nairobi was ranked as the best University in Kenya. University of Nairobi (UON) in Kenya is ranked 12th best university in Africa, up from 14th position during the 2013 ranking of universities. The 4 International Colleges and Universities ranks top universities in Africa every year. The 2014 4ICU ranking of universities in Africa was labelled `Gateway to Universities and Colleges`. The Universities in Africa were ranked according to the web popularity. University of Nairobi is ranked as the second best university in East Africa a  Continue reading ...

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How To Check 2014 Form One Admission Details Online In Kenya

Kenya, one of the countries in Africa, has embraced new technology and have incorporated this technology in several of their systems in all sectors of the country. The sectors which have evidently used the new technology in Kenya for their success include Kenya education sector. The KCSE and KCPE results in Kenya can be checked online by the candidates involved nowadys. The transportation sector in Kenya has also embraced new technology where there is use of automated traffic lights which control traffic in  Continue reading ...

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Management Courses Offered At Kenya Institute Of Management College In Kenya

Kenya Institute of Management College (KIM) in Kenya has over the years created a niche and has established itself as the principal college in Kenya. Kenya Institute of Management College in Kenya was established in 1954 with the mission of providing high quality education in Kenya to enhance excellence and integrity. Kenya Institute of Management College in Kenya has over the years grown in reputation almost completely obliterating its main competitor colleges in Kenya, having proven through the years to be a reputable college. KIM College   Continue reading ...

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Location Of Catholic University Of Eastern Africa (CUEA) Campuses In Kenya And Courses Offered In Catholic University.

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Kenya was established in 1984 first as a graduate school known as Catholic Higher Institute of Eastern Africa. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Kenya then gained its full charter and accreditation in 1992 after meeting the Kenya Council of Higher Education requirements. The CUEA University in Kenya has several campuses in Kenya. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa main campus in Nairobi is located in Langata. Catholic University of Eastern Africa has other campuses  Continue reading ...

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Location Of The Buruburu Institute Of Fine Arts In Nairobi, Kenya

The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts is a middle level learning institution located in Buruburu in the large East lands area of Nairobi County in Kenya. The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts college in Nairobi is most popular for its unrivalled diploma and certificate courses in arts and design in Kenya.

The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts in Kenya was established as a church founded institution in 1990 to accommodate the students in Kenya who had not secured entry points for university education within Kenya on completion of their secondary school studies.

Over the years, the   Continue reading ...

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Location Of Kenya Institute Of Highways And Building Technology (KIHBT) Campuses In Kenya

Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology in Kenya is a college that offers courses to students in Kenya in the fields of ICT, Mechanical field, Civil field, Building, Electrical field, Driver training in Kenya and the Roads field. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology in Kenya is an institute whose main campus is located in Nairobi. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology Main campus is located in Industrial area of Nairobi on Commercial Street. To get to Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology main campus in Nairobi, you have to access the N  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Vision Institute Of Professionals (VIP) College Campuses In Kenya

Vision Institute of Professionals in Kenya is a college that is located in Nairobi. Vision Institute of Professionals in Kenya was introduced by a group of intellectuals who decided to form a college in Kenya which equips people with the knowledge in various fields and disciplines in Kenya that they can apply in the work industry in Kenya.

Vision Institute of Professionals main campus in Kenya is located in Nairobi Ngara area along Murang’a Road. Vision Institute of Professionals Paramount Plaza Campus is located in the 3rd floor of Paramount Plaza, just a   Continue reading ...

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Location Of Moi University Main Campus In Eldoret, Kenya

Moi University Main campus in Kenya is located in Rift Valley part of Kenya. Moi University Main Campus is located 35 km South East of Eldoret town in Kenya. Eldoret town is six hours drive away from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi on Nairobi - Eldoret Highway. Main Campus of Moi University is located in Kesses area in Eldoret, off the Eldoret-Nakuru Highway. To get to Moi University main campus in Kenya, you divert from the Eldoret- Nakuru Highway in Cheptiret and drive 14 Km to Kesses centre. From Kesses Centre in Eldoret, Moi University is located 5km on Kesse Moi University Road.

  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered In Kenya Institute Of Professional Studies

With the rising economic hardship, finding quality education in Kenya at affordable prices is extremely difficult. Kenya Institute of Professional studies(KIPS) in Kenya is an institution that is in partnership with Moi university in Kenya to avail quality Diploma and Certificate courses in Kenya. The courses offered by KIPS institute in Kenya include business courses, Health and sciences and languages at a price of Ksh 10,000 per semester in Kenya. Kenya Institute of Professional studies (KIPS) in Kenya which is located at Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi city centre. The Kenya Institute of Pro  Continue reading ...

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Where To Enrol For Media-Related Courses In Nairobi, Kenya

There is no doubt that the media industry in Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. This is pretty much evident by the fact that many media houses in Kenya have set up base in the recent times, just to beef up the competition. Unlike in the 1990s, when all Kenyans were forced to watch was KBC television and listen to KBC Radio Taifa, things have truly changed over the past one decade. Generally, the 21st century has seen many developments in Kenya, and this means in all facets of life.

The growth in the media industry in Kenya over the past one decade is   Continue reading ...