4 years ago

Best Internet Service Providers In Kenya

Liquid Telecom (Formerly Kenya Data Networks)

Kenya Data Networks formerly known as KDN was bought by Liquid telecom based in south Africa. Liquid Telecom as its known now is one of the largest internet service providers in Kenya providing both Fiber optic and wireless communication channels. The company is still based in Mombasa road sameer complex. Liquid telecom is a licensed internet service provider to smaller ISPs in Kenya. Some of the services that they offer Fiber optic connection with speeds of up   Continue reading ...

4 years ago

ZUKU Satellite TV and Fiber Packages and their Respective features in Kenya

Kenya have recently undergone a lot of changes in almost any sector of development and life. Due to the digital introduction of various devices and gadgets, most people have now switched every mode of their life to accept this digital change. For instance, people do not have to visit shops with cash as in the past but they now use credit cards which is one of the forms of technological advancement. Other examples that show that people have adapted to digital world is the use of the internet to do banking as well as read newspapers and so much more.

In this digital era, people have e  Continue reading ...

4 years ago

Various Methods on how to pay for ZUKU Subscription bills in Kenya

Various Methods on how to pay for ZUKU Subscription bills in Kenya

ZUKU is a digital TV service provider who provide viewers with different forms of subscription in which the users are able to comfortably pay. These subscription are mainly pocket-friendly compared to same subscriptions from other TV service providers. ZUKU therefore turns out to be one of the most affordable forms of digital viewership in Kenya.

It presents their customers with other options and advantages which other digital TV service providers do not provide. For instance, ZUKU provides their customers wi  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How The Digital Migration Will Affect Kenyans

Residents of the city of Nairobi have faced an analogue television switch off scare since late last one in 2012. The high court of Kenya however suspended this switch off until after the general elections which were held in March 2013. The court in Kenya asked the Consumer Federation of Kenya (CoFEK) and the Communication Commission of Kenya to deliberate and agree on a suitable date for the switch off of analogue television sets.

A concern was raised as regards the switch off that had been slated for December 2012. Only ten percent of Kenyan television owners have acquired the digi  Continue reading ...