8 years ago

Paradise Lost Resort And Park In Kiambu Area In Nairobi-The Perfect Picnic Get Away In Kenya

Located in Kiambu town in Kenya, 70 kilometers from Nairobi city is Paradise Lost Resort and park, a magnificent tourist attraction in Kenya that is basically an oasis in the middle of a coffee farm. Paradise Lost Resort in Kenya was discovered in 1996 by coffee farmers in Kenya. Paradise Lost Resort in Kiambu is beautiful scenery which oozes such beauty that the name fittingly benefits the surrounding and the nature. The main attraction at Paradise Lost Resort in Kiambu which is a 54 acre farm is the Paradise Lost Resort caves in Kenya that are eroded by the nearby Gichi River in Keny  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Oloolua Nature Trail: Where To Go For Picnics And Camping In Nairobi, Kenya

The hustles of the city of Nairobi can be extremely disheartening and stressful. Oloolua Nature Trail in Nairobi gives you the perfect retreat opportunity for you to escape for a day to go for a relaxing stroll and picnic in Nairobi. Oloolua Nature Trail in Kenya is located away from the pollution and noise of Nairobi.

Location of Oloolua Nature Trail in Kenya

Oloolua Nature Trail in Kenya is located in Karen Neighbourhood in Nairobi in the indigenous tropical dry Oloolua forest in Kenya. Oloolua Forest in Kenya has the Institute of Primate Research (IPR) in Nairobi which   Continue reading ...