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List Of Secondary Schools In West Pokot County.

Boys secondary schools in West Pokot County.

  • Chewoyet high school – it is a boarding school.

  • Kapenguria boys high school – boarding.

  • Kamito boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Chepkorniswo boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Karenger boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Sook boys secondary school – boarding.

  • St. Comboni Amakuriat secondary school – boarding.

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Contacts Of West Pokot County Government Offices In Kenya

West Pokot County Government Offices are located in Kapenguria Town in Kenya.

The postal address of West Pokot County Assembly offices is P.O. Box 222-30600.

The mobile contact of West Pokot County in Kenya is 05 320 14000.

The email address of West Pokot County Offices is info@westpokot.go.ke.

You can find more details on the West Pokot County Government website at 1 All