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Contacts Of Teachers Service Commission Offices In Kenya

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya is located in TSC House on Kilimanjaro Avenue in UpperHill in Nairobi.

The postal address of Teachers Service Commission is Private Bag 00100, Nairobi.

The email address of Teachers Service Commission in Nairobi is info@tsc.go.ke.

The telephone contacts of TSC are 0202892000.

The website of Teachers Service Commission is at http://www.tsc.go.ke/.

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Emergency Contact Numbers Of Hospitals In Nairobi, Kenya

Acacia Medical Centre in Nairobi ................... 2711611

Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi ........................ 3740000

Avenue Hospital in Nairobi ........................... 2337868

Getrudes Children`s Hospital in Nairobi .......... 7206000

Guru Nanak Hospital in Nairobi ..................... 2392515

Hurlingham Medicare Plaza in Nairobi ............ 2729400

Karen Hospital in Nairobi .............................. 6613000

Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi .............. 2726300

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Hewlett Packard East Africa Limited In Kenya

Hewlett Packard East Africa Limited is a computer stationery supplier in Kenya whose offices are located in Capital Hill Square on the 3rd Floor in Upper Hill. 

Hewlett Packard East Africa Limited postal address is P.O. Box 2969-00100 GPO Nairobi. The telephone contacts of Hewlett Packard main office in Kenya are +254-204960000 and fax +254-204960003.

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Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) In Nairobi

Retirement Benefits Authority in Kenya has offices located on the 13th Floor of Rahimtulla Tower in Nairobi. RBA offices in Nairobi are on Upper Hill Road, opposite UK High Commission in Kenya. 

Retirement Benefits Authority can be contacted on (020)2809000 or Toll free number 0800720300 (Safaricom Network).

Retirement Benefits Authority is online on their website at www.rba.go.ke and can be contacted via email on info@rba.go.ke

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Tourism Fund Head Office In Nairobi

The Tourism Fund offices in Nairobi are located in NHIF Building in Community Area in Nairobi. The Tourism Fund Headoffices are on 5th floor of Car Park Towers on Ragati Road in UpperHill area in Nairobi. You get to Upper Hill via buses 7C picked from Kencom Bus Stage in Nairobi.

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How Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Promote Professional Teachers In Kenya

TSC is a Teachers` Service Commission in Kenya that is aimed at developing the profession of teaching and teaching career progression in Kenya. TSC in Kenya via the TSC Act section 35 recognizes and promotes teachers in Kenya to advance their teaching professional abilities via further studies. Therefore, the recent saga about TSC denying promotion of teachers in Kenya who have furthered their knowledge and skills to gain better positions beats logic.

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Location Of State House In Nairobi City In Kenya

State House in Kenya is the official residence of a Kenyan president sitting in office. State House in Nairobi was built during the colonial era and was then referred to as Government House in Kenya. State House in Kenya was built in 1907 to serve as the residence of the governor of British origin governing the larger British East Africa. During this colonial era in Kenya, the governor would conduct his official business at the Nairobi Provincial Administration Office along Kenyatta Avenue next to Nyayo House in Nairobi&n  Continue reading ...

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How To Get To KASNEB Headoffices In Nairobi, Kenya

With the large number of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education candidates in Kenya attaining good grades, coupled with the limited spaces in the public universities found in Kenya, many people are caught in the quagmire of what step to take next. Professional exams in Kenya and short courses in Kenya have been a popular way out for those who can not afford to enroll in the private universities in Kenya. One of the most popular and sought after school professional training in Kenya is the certified public accountancy course   Continue reading ...

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How To Apply TSC Payslips Online In Kenya

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya is a body that deals with teachers in Kenya. Teachers service Commission (TSC) is responsible for registering all the qualified teachers in Kenya before they can teach in any public institutions in Kenya or any private institutions in Kenya. Teachers Service Commission in Kenya has offices in Nairobi Upper Hill area near Shelter Afrique Centre.

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya provides online services for Kenyans such as applying TSC jobs online, applying payslips online, wealth declaration forms in Kenya, Teacher registration, Pension Matter  Continue reading ...

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Banking Services Available In NHIF Building In Upper Hill Part Of Nairobi, Kenya

The NHIF Building in Community Area in Nairobi is a magnificent skyscraper located along Ragati Road, adjacent to Maji House in Upper Hill. The NHIF building in Kenya is owned by the National Hospital Insurance Fund State Parastatal. In addition to housing the NHIF offices in Kenya, there are several businesses and offices ran by independent occupiers in NHIF building in Nairobi.

The NHIF Nairobi branch offices, where residents can get various hospital insurance services, are located on the ground floor of the NHIF building in Upper Hill, adjacent to the car park entrance. Peop  Continue reading ...