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Engineering Courses Offered at Moi University in Kenya.

Engineering is a course that involves application of science and practical knowledge in designing and maintaining structures and devices. It is one of well paying career in Kenya. Few students pursue this course in Kenya both at undergraduate and postgraduate level because of its toughness and tution fees paid.

Moi university is one of those institutions in Kenya that offer engineering courses at all levels, that is , from degree to doctor of philosophy. This is offered under the school of engineering which is equipped with ultra modern laboratories for practicals and workshops. The  Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate Programmes Offered at Moi University School of Arts and Social Sciences.

School of arts and social sciences is one of the schools that have many students enrolled to do arts in various options at different levels. Those who have done bachelor degrees and wish to advance their studies, they have a chance at Moi university which is one of the public university and has more experienced staffs in the school.

The school of arts and social sciences is under the college of humanities and social studies. The school of arts and social sciences in Moi university was formed in 1987 and is currently headed by Dr. Mary Lonyangapuo as the dean. The postgraduate progra  Continue reading ...

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Courses (programmes) Offered at Igembe Campus of Chuka University , Kenya.

Chuka University located in Meru County (Igembe central constituency) specifically in Njoune market, which is three kilometers from Maua town. Igembe campus of Chuka University is currently headed by director, Dr. John M. Kobia.

Chuka University was established on 30th September in year 2011 and has grown sporadically and has over 400 students enrolled at different levels of education (from certificate to doctor of philosophy). The courses that are offered at this campus are based in humanities and social sciences.

The certificate courses which are offered by the Chuka unive  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of DayStar University In Kenya

Daystar University Athi River Campus in Kenya can be contacted on the postal address P. O. Box 17-90145 Daystar University. The Daystar University Admissions Office in Athi River Campus can be contacted on email address

The Cooperate Affairs Office in DayStar University Athi River Campus can be contcated on email address The mobile and telephone contacts of DayStar University Cooperate Affairs Office A  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Embakasi Training Institute In Nairobi, Kenya

Embakasi Training Institute in Kenya is located in Embakasi Estate in Nairobi.

The postal address of Embakasi Training Institute in Nairobi is P.O. Box 19284-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Embakasi Training Institute are (020)8223216, (020)2042712 and (020)2098054.

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2014 University Ranking In Kenya

During 2014 university ranking in Africa, University of Nairobi was ranked as the best University in Kenya. University of Nairobi (UON) in Kenya is ranked 12th best university in Africa, up from 14th position during the 2013 ranking of universities. The 4 International Colleges and Universities ranks top universities in Africa every year. The 2014 4ICU ranking of universities in Africa was labelled `Gateway to Universities and Colleges`. The Universities in Africa were ranked according to the web popularity. University of Nairobi is ranked as the second best university in East Africa a  Continue reading ...

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University Scholarships And Financial Aid Initiatives In Strathmore University In Kenya

The need for education in Kenya is on the rise due to most benefits that education impound to the society. On the other hand, however, the cost of accessing quality and high standard education in Kenya is very expensive due to the worsening economic conditions of Kenya. Education expenses especially on tertiary institutions in Kenya are a burden to most parents and students. As a result, institutions of higher learning have come up with various education financial aids in Kenya to help the needy students access education with fewer worries about the expenses attached to education.
Stra  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered In South Eastern Kenya University Machakos Town Campus In Kenya

As devolution is taking place in Kenya, every county in Kenya is fighting to provide all the necessary facilities to the public. Education in Kenya is one of the key human resource developments which every governor in Kenya would like to provide to his county members in Kenya. As a result, many private universities in Kenya and public universities in Kenya are now finding ways to establish branches in almost every county headquarter in Kenya. In Machakos County in Kenya, The Southern Eastern University in Kenya is one of the new established universities. Southern Eastern Kenya University ma  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Mount Kenya University Kabarnet Campus In Kenya

Mount Kenya University in Kenya is one of the fully chartered private universities in Kenya. Mount Kenya University is among the universities in Kenya that has established campuses across Kenya in many major towns. Mount Kenya University Kabarnet campus in Kenya is one of the campuses that Mount Kenya University has in various towns in Kenya. The Mount Kenya University Kabarnet campus in Kenya was established only two years ago and has grown in terms of the courses in Kenya offered and the number of students.

The programmes offered by the  Continue reading ...

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How To Get To Strathmore University In Nairobi Madaraka Estate, Kenya

Educational levels in Kenya are on the rise especially post – secondary education. Many students after the completion of their fourth form in Kenya, consider joining institutions of high learning in Kenya- either colleges in Kenya or universities in Kenya. This has increased demand for the establishment of more universities in Kenya and colleges in Kenya. From this spirit, private universities in Kenya have been established , and they offer courses in Kenya practically and very innovatively. Common private universities in Kenya include Mt. Kenya University in Kenya, Daystar   Continue reading ...