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Courses Offered By Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya.

Africa international university is a chartered private university in Kenya. It was established in 1983 as Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School but became a fully operating university in Kenya in 2001. This institution is located in Karen part of Nairobi and occupies a space of 53 acres of land.

Since it is a chartered university in Kenya, AIU offers courses from certificate to doctor of philosophy. These courses are being taught by experienced experts.

Certificate courses offered by Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya

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Courses Offered At Narok University College

Narok university is a private university in kenya and  invites qualified candidates to pursue Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs. The Diploma and Certificate programs commence in the month of May and Degree programs commence in the month of September. The University is a constituent of Moi University.

School of Science

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), the applicant must have a minimum of C+ in KCSE and at least C+ in Mathematics, physics or physical sciences, the mode of study is full time.

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Courses Offered And Entry Requirements At Kabianga University College

The college is located in the famous and lashes Tea growing Highlands of Kericho District, this is in the Southern end of Rift Valley province of Kenya, it is about 26 kilometers from Kericho town and 6 Kilometers off Kericho- Kisii road. The college is a constituent of Moi University, the vision of the college is Naturing Innovation and Talent. The Kabianga history date back in the 1950’s it has been a training complex including Kabianga Primary School andn Kabianga Secondary School, it has been a training center for excellence for farmers. The current Kericho teachers training colle  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered in Kabarak University

The University is located along the Nakuru, Eldama ravine highway which is 20 Kilometers North of Nukuru town. It has Christian basis and it is chartered Institution of higher Education, it offers its services in a holistic and Biblical perspective. The environment is conducive for learning.

School of Theology

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.

  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and physics.

  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and chemistry.

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Various Academic Programmes Offered By Presbyterian University Of East Africa

University education has been in the demand by many of the youths in Kenya as many try to enroll for the vocational courses in order to acquire the vocational skills needed in the job market. These skills enable them therefore to be competitive in the job market as they try to secure the most profitable jobs which will end up been well paying. Apart from jobs, the skills also enable the youths to build up a successful careers of their interest to brighten their future.

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Postgraduate Programmes Offered at Chuka University Main Campus.

With reduction of cut points required to join university and college, there is influx of students doing various courses. Since the minimum admission required for one to pursue diploma course in Kenya is now C- (minus) in Kenya certificate of secondary education (K.C.S.E), it is projected that there will be many students joining various institutions.

Therefore, it is high time for graduates to further their education in their field because Kenya as a country more people who have done a general course. There is need for specialization and this can only be done at postgraduate level. A  Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate Programmes Offered at Moi University School of Arts and Social Sciences.

School of arts and social sciences is one of the schools that have many students enrolled to do arts in various options at different levels. Those who have done bachelor degrees and wish to advance their studies, they have a chance at Moi university which is one of the public university and has more experienced staffs in the school.

The school of arts and social sciences is under the college of humanities and social studies. The school of arts and social sciences in Moi university was formed in 1987 and is currently headed by Dr. Mary Lonyangapuo as the dean. The postgraduate progra  Continue reading ...

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Strathmore University School Of Business InformationTechnology Admission Criteria

Strathmore University is a privately chartered university in Kenya. It offers a Bachelor degree in Business information technology under the business programs offered at the school. Under the program students are trained under different specialization departments that include;

  • Computer networks
  • Database option
  • Management of information systems
  • Practical foundation in information technology
  • Business management
  • Languages (French, German, Japanese, Spanish)

Admission criteria

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Nairobi university Bachelor Degree in Humanities and Art admission Criteria

Accredited in 1970 to offer degree programs, Nairobi University is a public university in Kenya. It has been chartered by the commission of higher education in 2013 to offer a degree in humanities and Art. The students have a wide range of options in departmental training that include;


  • History and archaeological studies
  • Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Arabic
  • Korean culture
  • German studies
  • Kiswahili
  • Confucius
  • Philosophy and religious studies
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Nairobi University Bachelor Degree in Business and Commerce Admission Criteria

With the increase and growth of the economy at a steady pace, training is required to ensure that businesses are done in a precise professional manner. Nairobi University is a public university in Kenya that offers a bachelor of science in business degree program. The students have the opportunity to choose their preferences and they are trained in various departments that include;

  • Business administration
  • Finance and accounting
  • Management science

Specialization in various departments is also availed by the school by use of the different cou  Continue reading ...