9 years ago

Embassy Of The Republic Of Kenya In United States Of America

Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in United States Of America is located in Washington. The Embassy of Kenya in USA is situated in 2249, R. Street N.W. in Washington DC 20008 in the USA. 

The telephone contact of the Embassy of Kenya in Washington DC is 000-1-202-3876101. The Fax details are 000-1-202-4623829.

The email address of Kenya Embassy in USA is KLQY53A@prodigy.com

Other Countries of Accreditation are Republic of Colombia, Republic of Mexico

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9 years ago

Where To Access Western Union Financial Services In Nairobi Kenya

Banking services in Kenya have been growing in popularity quite fast over the past couple of years. This has been occasioned by an increase in the number of banking institutions in Kenyan local market. Kenyans can now easily access banking services in Kenya from wherever they are all over the country. With the advent of mobile banking in Kenya, again people don’t have to transact business in banking halls in Kenya anymore. As a Kenyan account holder, you can simply log on to your bank account, deposit money, transfer money to your phone, and even request for mini-statements on the mob  Continue reading ...