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Causes And Effects Of Insecurity In Kenya

Insecurity is always the key for a country to survive and focus on its economy, the Kenyan Insecurity started during the time of bomb blast that was in the year 1998, Mugiki killings, Post-election violence, cattle rustling and the current killings of Al shaabab. Insecurity is a big challenge to the government and entire society. Food security and HIV has been in the country for quite some time now, the country has put measures of managing and stopping the spread of infectious diseases. Women and children in slums face problems of lacking access to clean water and being raped.

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Contacts Of Kenya National Commission For UNESCO

Kenya National Commission For UNESCO is located in the Ministry of Education in Jogoo House B on Harambee Avenue in Nairobi.

The Kenya National Commission For UNESCO postal address id P.O. Box 30040-00100, Nairobi. 

The telephone contacts of Kenya National Commission For UNESCO are 0202229053, 020318581 and 0202213025.

The email address of Kenya National Commission For UNESCO in Nairobi is kncunesco@education.go.ke. 

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6 years ago

Kenya Mission To The United Nations Offices In New York

The Kenya Mission to the United Nations in New York has offices in 866 U.N. Plaza, Suite 486 in New York, NY 10017, N.Y., USA. The office is headed by a Permanent Representative of Kenya in Kenya Mission to United Nations. 

The telephone contact of the United Nations Permanent Representative from Kenya is 000-1-212-4214740. The Fax details are 000-1-212-4861985. 

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Kenya Mission Of United Nation In Switzerland

The Kenya Misson of UN offices in Switzerland are located in Geneva. The Permanent Representative of Kenya in the Kenya Mission of United Nations in Switzerland has offices in 1-3 Avenue De La Paix in 1202 Geneva.

The telephone contact of the Kenya Mission of U.N. in Switzerland is 000-41-22-9064050. The Fax details are 000-41-22-7312905.

The email address of the Kenya Mission of United Nations in Switzerland is Mission.kenya@ties.itu.int

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The Location And Services Of The Tribe Hotel In Nairobi, Kenya

Tribe Hotel in Nairobi is one of the boutique hotels we have in Kenya. A boutique hotel in Kenya is a property that sets itself apart by the individualized attention and quality service it gives its customers in Kenya. Tribe Hotel is located along Limuru Road in Gigiri area of Nairobi. The Tribe Hotel facilities in Nairobi are specifically made to cater for the needs of a modern tourist, a VIP and a modern celebrity in Kenya. There is security and privacy for the guests in Tribe Hotel along Limuru Road and the hotel goes through great lengths to ensure that their guests   Continue reading ...