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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Nairobi.

Kenya is a country that depends largely in agriculture for both food and industrial raw materials. Agriculture here in Kenya contributes to almost 80 % of the country’s economy. This ensures that the government spends a lot of money in the ordering of many fertilizers from outside countries and at the same time ensuring that there are proper equipments for storage of farmers produce. We have seen Kenya exporting flowers to outside countries such as UK everyday hence earning income.

In trying to promote agriculture in Kenya, university of Nairobi have elaborate course in agricu  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Kenyatta University School of Public Health.

Kenyatta University is a public chartered university in Kenya and was formed in the year 1985. It is the second public university in Kenya in terms of student’s population and programmes offered. The main campus of Kenyatta University is located in Kahawa (it is20 kilometers from Nairobi central business district).

School of public health is one of the established schools in Kenyatta University and acts to train personnel in the field of preventive medicine.This school was formed in 2011.There are only four degree courses offered at the school of public health and the mode of   Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Moi University School of Arts and Social Sciences.

Have you ever thought of becoming an adjudicator sitting before congregation of people singing and you are the person to make decision on the best people out of many who make presentations in theatre. Have also though of learning languages of other countries such as France and Germany? School of arts and social sciences in Moi University trains graduate in this fields and others such as diplomats, media, and religion.

The admission criteria for students in this school fall into two categories; personal sponsored students and government sponsored students. For those who want to apply  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Kenyatta University School of Health Sciences.

School of health sciences is one of the famous schools that deal with training of health care providers. The courses offered at this school trains nurses, pharmacist, medical laboratory technologist, public health officers and medical officers. For instance a course like medicine began in 2008 and it will have the first students graduating at the end of this year (2014).

The medical courses offered at Kenyatta University have been approved by respective boards such as nursing council of Kenya, Kenya medical practitioners and dentist board and pharmacy and poisons board. These course  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Chuka University Main Campus in Kenya.

Chuka University is a fully chartered public university in Kenya and is located in Chuka town along Nairobi Meru highway. This university (Chuka) is approximately 187 kilometers from Nairobi city. The university was a former constituent college of Egerton university in Kenya and it was called Chuka University College. Chuka University in Kenya became a fully chartered public university in Kenya on 8th January, 2013 and was awarded by the former president of the republic of Kenya His Excellence Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

The university of Chuka main campus has grown gradually in terms of acad  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at the Faculty of Arts in the University of Nairobi.

Faculty of arts in the University of Nairobi (UoN) is the largest faculty in the entire university because it has many students. It is placed under the large college of humanities and social sciences. The undergraduate programmes offered here range from certificate to degree courses.

The certificate programmes offered at the faculty of arts in the University of Nairobi includes Certificate in:

  • French.
  • Chinese.
  • Philosophy.
  • Natural Resource Management.
  • Environmental Assessment and Adult.

There is also bridging cour  Continue reading ...

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University of Nairobi School of Medicine Undergraduate Admission Criteria.

The school of medicine in the University of Nairobi has been the top most medical school in the republic of Kenya since its establishment in the year 1967. The school (medicine) has been excellent in Kenya in both teaching and research and it has trained many undergraduate since it was formed. The school of medicine is under the college of health sciences in the University of Nairobi alongside other medical courses such as nursing, medical laboratory, pharmacy, public health and dental sciences. This school is located in Chiromo campus of the university of nairobi.

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Programmes offered by the University Of Nairobi School Of Physical Sciences.

Physical sciences entail the study of chemistry and physics and that is exactly what the University of Nairobi offers at the school of physical sciences. They are majorly offering physics and chemistry from the undergraduate level to the Ph.D level although some geographical courses have also been incorporated in this school.The undergraduate programmes are offered at full time basis while the postgraduate programmes are offered on both full time basis and distance learning.

The undergraduate programmes offered by the University Of Nairobi School of physical sciences include;

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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Biological Programmes offered by the University of Nairobi.

Some people wonder where the birds get their food, how they reproduce themselves and where they live. The same questions are raise towards animals especially the wild animals because majority of people are familiar with domestic animal due to their close relationship with human being. If you are interested in animal at large you can decide to study any biological science course or biology so that you can fulfil your curiosity.

The Universityof Nairobi is then the best university in Kenya where you can study the biological courses all the way from undergraduate to doctor of philosoph  Continue reading ...

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The Admission Criteria for Undergraduate Programmes Offered at the Faculty of Veterinary Science in the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

The faculty of veterinary sciences in the university is an old faculty that was formed 1940s when university of Nairobi was still a college and by that time, a diploma course in Animal disease was the only course offered. The faculty of veterinary sciences has grown drastically over years and now they have five departments which include:

  • Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Department of Animal Production.
  • Department Veterinary Pathology.
  • Department of Microbiology and Parasitology.
  • Department of Clinical Studies.
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