6 years ago

University of Nairobi School of Medicine Undergraduate Admission Criteria.

The school of medicine in the University of Nairobi has been the top most medical school in the republic of Kenya since its establishment in the year 1967. The school (medicine) has been excellent in Kenya in both teaching and research and it has trained many undergraduate since it was formed. The school of medicine is under the college of health sciences in the University of Nairobi alongside other medical courses such as nursing, medical laboratory, pharmacy, public health and dental sciences. This school is located in Chiromo campus of the university of nairobi.

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6 years ago

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Biological Programmes offered by the University of Nairobi.

Some people wonder where the birds get their food, how they reproduce themselves and where they live. The same questions are raise towards animals especially the wild animals because majority of people are familiar with domestic animal due to their close relationship with human being. If you are interested in animal at large you can decide to study any biological science course or biology so that you can fulfil your curiosity.

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