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Hospitals With Cancer Treatment Facilities In Kenya

Cancer is a dangerous disease which has claimed many lives in Kenya mainly as a result of a deficiency in cancer care services. However, there have been concerted efforts by both the Kenya government and the private sector that have led to a steady rise and improvement in cancer treatment facilites.

The following is a list of hospitals which are equipped to handle different cases of the cancer menace:

Aga Khan University Hospital

This hospital is located along Limuru Road in Parklands, Nairobi. Services offered here include: specialised diagnostics  Continue reading ...

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Popular Rehabilitation Centers In Kenya

A large portion of the Kenya population today is faced with a threat of drug addiction. These comprise of both the youth as well as the elder people in the society. The commonest substances abused in Kenya include narcotics; cocaine, bhang, heroin, tobacco, and other substances that alter the mood of the users. Alcohol is the commonest drug abused in Kenya. To reduce the effects accompanied by abuse of these substances various rehabilitation centers have been put up across Kenya to help the addicts come out of the dangers and continue with their normal life.

The following is a list   Continue reading ...

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Mechanisms Used To Control Waterborne Diseases In Kenya

Waterborne diseases are killing a lot of people in the country and several other dangerous diseases continuing to be persistent in the lives of many. The population of Kenya is encountering a lot of delay and the economic growth is slowly diminishing each and every day of life. Experts have come up with the following measures of controlling waterborne diseases.

Boiling water

It is the most effective water treatment method that cone can use to treat water. Boiling water kills germs and any worms that may be responsible for spreading diseases hence it becomes safe for one to  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Kenya Wildlife Training Institute

Kenya wild life college is located in Naivasha which is about 90 kilometers from Nairobi town. It offers various courses in certificate and diploma level, the college is registered with ministry of education science and technology. The courses equip the student with competent skills in wild life conservation, tourism management, management of natural resources.

The institution offers an international course involving management of wetlands, the course takes six weeks and it is full time. The candidate should have at least a National diploma in or its equivalent in areas of wild life  Continue reading ...

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Services offered by the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital in Kenya

Health is important to any individual in the society and who are able to take care of their bodies. Most people therefore visit most health centres for their body screening and treatment of the diseases diagnosed. This have therefore ensured that many hospitals and health centres have been established to offer these services to the people.

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital is one of the best hospitals which offer not only eye services as the name suggests but also other health services to the society. Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital is located in the uptown estate of Loresho in Nairobi. T  Continue reading ...

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The best Centre for care and treatment of cancer in Kenya: Cancer Care Kenya

Hospitals have been established to provide a lot of services to the people of Kenya. These hospitals ensure that the people are better cared for and treated for their various diseases diagnosed in their bodies. Many people suffer from different diseases and therefore those hospitals have variety of departments to offer the different services required by the patients. Cancer is one of the leading diseases that is dangerous and therefore the patients need a lot of care for the treatment. Cancer Care Kenya is a center that was established purely to deal with the cancer patients in the diagnosi  Continue reading ...

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Various Water services and Treatment Companies in Kenya

Water is one of the most essential and basic commodity that all the people require in life. Water is required almost by every sector of life from industries to homesteads. Quality of water is therefore important especially when it comes to consumption and human use. There are a lot of impurities and organisms that may be present in water and thereby endanger the lives of the users.

Water is therefore required to be treated before consumption and use by individuals in the society. It is treated for pathogens, impurities and all other harmful substances that may be present in the wate  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of National Aids Control Council In Kenya

National Aids Control Council offices are located in Landmark Plaza on the 9th Floor found on Argwings Kodhek Road in Nairobi.

The National Aids Control Council postal address is P.O. Box 61307 - 00200 Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of National Aids Control Council are 254 (020) 2896000 and 2711261. The Fax details are 254 (020) 2711231 and 2711072.

The email address of National Aids Control Council in Kenya is

The website of National Aids Control Cou  Continue reading ...

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Top Massage Parlors In Nairobi

A massage is a service given to relax muscles or relieve from aches. There are various places where one can access massage services in Nairobi, though there are those places known for the best treats. You can access the massage treatments from these Nairobi joints:

1. Rejuvenate Day Spa in Third Ngong Avenue in Nairobi

Offers Massage services such as Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Deep tissue massage and Indian head massage in Nairobi. You can contact the Day Spa in Nairobi via Continue reading ...

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National AIDS & STI Control Progamme Contacts In Kenya

National AIDS & STI Control Progamme telephone contacts .... 2729502

Kenya National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) offices are located in Kenyatta Hospital Estate in Nairobi City. 

NASCOP website is at The email addresses are and Continue reading ...