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Kenya packaging services in kenya

In kenya Goods are  packaged to ensure all the safety and retention of their value; packaging ensures efficiency in warehousing and transportation. The packaging should be appropriate for the retail environment. It is one of the final stages of any manufacturing company. Packaging is a crucial stage because the method used for packaging will determine if the goods retain their value and incase of shipment it will determine if the goods arrive in good condition.

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Contacts Of Kenya Ports Authority Offices In Mombasa

Kenya Ports Authority is located in Mombasa part of Kenya. The postal address of Kenya Ports Authority offices is P.O. Box 95009-80104, Mombasa.

The email address of Kenya Ports Authority is

The telephone contacts of Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) in Mombasa are (041) 2112999 / 2113999, 0722 208674, 0720 202424 / 202525, 0722 208661/2/3/4/5/7/8/9, 0734221211, 0720 312211 and 0735 337941-6. 

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Contacts Of Ministry Of Transport And Infrastructure Offices In Kenya

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Offices in Kenya are located in Transcom House along Ngong Road in Nairobi. 

The postal address of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Office in Nairobi is P.O. Box 52692-00200, Nairobi. 

The email address of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Kenya is

The telephone contact of the Nairobi offices of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is (020)2729200.

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