6 years ago

Factors Affecting The Purchase Of Land In Kenya

Buying land in Kenya has been hindered by a lot of factors probably because the respective buyers employ poor mechanisms when it comes to purchasing land. It is important that one becomes careful when looking for ways of purchasing land. From the above, there are various ways that can be considered when buying land at any place in the country. The practice is important in facilitating the measures used to protect innocent people from purchasing unsafe products.


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6 years ago

National Land Commission Of Kenya

National Land Commission of Kenya has offices located on the 12th Floor of Ardhi House on room number 1205. National Land Commission in Nairobi is along 1st Ngong Avenue.

The postal address of National Land Commission is P.O Box 44417-00100 Nairobi. You can contact the office of National Land Commission on (020) 2718050. 

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