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High End Clubs In Thika Town: Exciting Nightlife Outside Nairobi

Thika town has risen to become one of Kenya\'s business frontiers. During the day, Thika is a bee hive of activities thanks to the business-minded Kenyans residing in this area. Besides Nairobi, Thikas has proven to be a town that caters for people\'s needs of social and economic significance. A walk around Thika town during the late hours of the day would reveal a sudden change of atmosphere. The town becomes replaces the clattering of metal sounds, human chattering and other irritating sounds with melodious tunes of great music from the town\'s classy entertainment clubs. Thursdays, Frida  Continue reading ...

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Best Industries in Thika

Thika is one of the fastest growing industrial towns in the country that is going ahead to attract the attention of many investors in the world.The town is a major industrial centre in the country and the folloing list provides some of the best industries found in the place.


The company deals with supplying the delmonte product all over the country.It is a popular drink among many kenyans and anyone wishing to get it in bulk can visist the place and obtain more of the product by finding out more from the recipients and people that are working in the place that can  Continue reading ...

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Safaricom Shops In Kenya

Safaricom is the leading mobile provider in Kenya. It is famous for its strong network, its invention ability, invention of m-pesa among other inventions. Safaricom is one of the leading integrated communications companies in Africa with over 19 million subscribers. Safaricom provides a comprehensive range of services under one roof: mobile and fixed voice as well as data services on a variety of platforms to consumers, businesses and public sector clients.

Some of the major safaricom shops in Kenya include

Thika Road Mall.

This is a modern and tastefully designed   Continue reading ...

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Location and Contacts of Thika Technical Training Institute and courses it Offers.


Thika technical training institute is located in Thika town at college house 1st floor along university way. It is a TIVET institution in Kenya and was started in 1887. The institute aim at providing training research and outreach programs that give trainees skills and knowledge which they use to enable economic growth and self-reliance through creation of employment.

The institute work hard to ensure that it emerges as center of excellence in entrepreneurial, technical and vocational training. It targets to achieve this through team work, transparenc  Continue reading ...

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Admission Criteria to academic programmes at Gretsa University

Admission Criteria to academic programmes at Gretsa University

Gretsa University is a private university in Kenya which is located in Thika town along the Thika-Garissa road. This university is dully registered and accredited by the commission of university education and was first established as a university in 2006. In pursuit of its vision to become a professional quality-driven institution, the university has continued to expand facilities and develop new and relevant academic programmes that are designed to meet the needs of the society.

This university offers academic p  Continue reading ...

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Medical and Health College Thika

The students’ enquiries are done throughout the year and the annual intake is in the month of January, May and September, registration process is simple and the registration fee is one thousand shillings only. Apply through Thika School of Medical Sciences, P. O Box 429 01000 Thika, Telephone Number: +254 020-2166281.

In the department of health sciences, courses offered include; Diploma and certificate of Environmental science, Diploma and certificate in Nutrition and dietetics, this course equips the student with skills related to nutrition profession, entry requirement is g  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered at Thika Institute of Business Studies in Kenya.

 With increase of investors in Thika town in Kenya due to better road networking, there is also increase of people rushing to Thika town for jobs and therefore, there need for colleges to offer management courses to ensure that people are equipped with knowledge and skills to handle businesses. Thika institute is among the various institutions situated at Thika town in Kenya that offer business courses. This institution is registered by Ministry of Education and also offers other courses such as computer engineering. The examinations of various courses offered at Thika  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered at the Kenya school of medical science and technology in Thika, Kenya.

Medical courses are among the courses children dream to pursue when they are in their early childhood education. Due to tough requirement of medical courses, many students in Kenya do not pursue it after completing their Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE). Medical courses in Kenya are the most expensive courses offered by the institutions(colleges and universities) across the country and for this reason, only the rich Kenyans take their children for the medical courses and this leaves the other children to seek cheaper courses such as Arts.

If one does not attain the mi  Continue reading ...

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Best Hospitals in Thika

Health facilities in Thika town and also along Thika road are growing and giving perfect health services. The population growth has led to increased need of health facilities in Thika.

Some of the commonly known hospitals in Thika include;

Thika level 5 hospital

Owned by ministry of health Kenya, Dr Jonah Mwangi is the hospital superintendant. The services offered in Thika level 5 hospital include; Antiretroviral therapy, curative inpatient services, family planning services, HIV clinic services an  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of National Police Service Commission Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

National Police Service Commission in Kenya can be contacted via telephone number 0203261304.

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