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Kenya Institute of Electronics and Technology in Kenya.

Engineering is a course in Kenya that many would have prefers to pursue as a career but because of its tough requirements and hardness of the course, many end up not pursuing engineering in Kenya. There are various colleges in Kenya that offer engineering courses and Kenya institute of electronics and technology is one of them. This institution is recognized by the engineering board of Kenya and therefore offers accepted engineering courses in Kenya.

This college is located in Nakuru town in the first floor of Loncon House, opposite Giddo Plaza. It offers certificate and diploma cou  Continue reading ...

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Kenya Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Technology in Kenya.

It is not possible for all of us to qualify for university education after KCSE results. Those who can be able to obtain a mean grade of C+ (plus) and above, can join tertiary colleges and still pursue courses of their dreams. Kenya institute of biomedical sciences and technology is one of these tertiary colleges in Kenya that offer certificate and diploma courses.

This college is located next to Hill Valley academy along Masai Road in Nakuru town just next to Milimani Cottage Hospital.

Those who begin with certificate or diploma courses can still pursue their desire of reac  Continue reading ...

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CISCO Networking Systems Centers In Kenya

CISCO Networking Systems is an international organization that offers training and certification in computer netwroking. Courses offered by the CISCO Networking Systems include IT Essentials CompTIA A+, CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CISCO Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Health Information Networking.

The following are some institutions offering CISCO Training courses in Kenya:

  • African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI)

  • African Institute of Research and Development Studies

  • Amboseli   Continue reading ...

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Diploma Courses Offered At Kiriri Women’s University Of Science And Technology

Ever since its establishment, Kiriri Women’s University of Science And Technology offers various degree and diploma courses intened to encourage women to become more business savvy. The following diploma courses are offered at the institution.

Diploma in Portfolio Management

Kiriri Women’s University has established Diploma in Portfolio Management course to demystify the stock market. The stock market is one area in the Kenyan market force that has few women due to its perceived difficulty. The program aims to enhance the needed skills relevant  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Courses Offered At Kiriri Women’s University Of Science And Technology

Girls and women in Kenya are disadvantaged in terms of access to education. There are various factors that contribute to this. Cultural beliefs, religious beliefs and societal norms play a role in undermining the role of education to those of the female gender. Harmful practices such as FGM and early marriages seek to cut short the lifespan of a girl’s education. Female students who manage to continue with their secondary and higher education often perform poorly in Mathematics and Science subjects. Fortunately, there are institutions such as Kiriri Women’s University of Science  Continue reading ...

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Websites Providing Agricultural Information To farmers In Kenya

Agricultural being one of the most developed sector in the economy of Kenya has been able to produce the best quality in the country’s market and internationally. This is because the farmers in the country have been able to access the necessary tools that they require in the production of their specialized products. The farmers are able to know the methods that are required for the better crop yields.

Farmers have embraced the advancement in technology and thereby use the internet to acquire for any assistance that they need for their effective farming techniques. Due to the v  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Gusii Institute Of Technology

Gusii institute of Technology is located in Kisii, Kenya. It was established in 1971 as a harambee institute of technology. The institute provides quality extension, Vocational, research and Entrepreneurial training to the students. Gusii institute of technology has established collaboration with Kisii University College in areas of research, Engineering and other science disciplines.

The institute is mandated to provide a world class graduate for the competitive job market. It offers course programmes at higher diploma, diploma and certificate levels in its various departments with  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered At Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology

This is a public technical training institute in Kenya. It is located in Kiambu about 16 kilometers from Nairobi city. Kiambu Technical training institute was started in 1973 by the community through the spirit of harambee. The institute is under the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology of Kenya.

This institute offers technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurial training with the aim of producing competent graduates that compete favorably in the job market. The institute consists of six academic departments which offers various courses at both certificate and  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Coast Institute Of Technology

Coast Institute of Technology is an approved institute that offer training in Tourism and hospitality management. It is tertiary college recognized by the ministry of higher education science and technology. The institute is mandated to provide its students with relevant and effective education as well as technical training which impact innovation and research skills to the graduates hence emerge as fully qualified for the dynamic job market.

The instutite has implemented approved courses that are examined by the following examination boards:

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Various Products And Services Offered By Rivatex East Africa LTD Kenya

In Kenya, there are several agricultural areas which produce cotton as their cash crop. The cotton wool would be used for various uses and mostly in industries. Kenya as it has farmers who produce cotton wool in large scale have been able to establish and develop textile manufacturing industries. Textile manufacturing industries have been able to provide the farmers with a stable source of income as the cotton they produce always have a higher demand.

Rivatex East Africa LTD is one of the leading textile manufacturing industries in Kenya which was developed to process the cotton woo  Continue reading ...