8 years ago

Challenges Faced By The Teachers Service Commission

The TSC body in Kenya is having a lot of hardships in trying to improve the level of education in the country. Many teachers are working hard yet the outcome from their payment does not encourage them to work hard and continue providing quality education to pupils and students. The big question now comes as to what needs to be done to curb the reasons outlined below facing the TSC body.


The body encounters a lot of problems and that is the main reasons why they continually go on strike each and every year. It is therefore important for the government to listen and   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Contacts Of Teachers Service Commission Offices In Kenya

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya is located in TSC House on Kilimanjaro Avenue in UpperHill in Nairobi.

The postal address of Teachers Service Commission is Private Bag 00100, Nairobi.

The email address of Teachers Service Commission in Nairobi is info@tsc.go.ke.

The telephone contacts of TSC are 0202892000.

The website of Teachers Service Commission is at http://www.tsc.go.ke/.

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8 years ago

How Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Promote Professional Teachers In Kenya

TSC is a Teachers` Service Commission in Kenya that is aimed at developing the profession of teaching and teaching career progression in Kenya. TSC in Kenya via the TSC Act section 35 recognizes and promotes teachers in Kenya to advance their teaching professional abilities via further studies. Therefore, the recent saga about TSC denying promotion of teachers in Kenya who have furthered their knowledge and skills to gain better positions beats logic.

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya provides for promotion of teachers every year on the merit of 6,000 teachers unde  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Apply TSC Payslips Online In Kenya

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya is a body that deals with teachers in Kenya. Teachers service Commission (TSC) is responsible for registering all the qualified teachers in Kenya before they can teach in any public institutions in Kenya or any private institutions in Kenya. Teachers Service Commission in Kenya has offices in Nairobi Upper Hill area near Shelter Afrique Centre.

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya provides online services for Kenyans such as applying TSC jobs online, applying payslips online, wealth declaration forms in Kenya, Teacher registration, Pension Matter  Continue reading ...