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Course Offered At Leaders Institute Of Business Studies In Kenya

Leaders institute of business studies in Kenya is an institution that trains Kenyans interested in business courses. It is a registered college in Kenya and also administers examinations that are governed by recognized examination bodies in Kenya such as KASNEB and KNEC.

This institution is located in Nairobi, the third floor of Braidwood House. The courses offered by Leaders institute of business studies are from certificate level to advance diploma level.

Certificate courses offered 

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Short Courses Offered By African Institute Of Research And Development Studies In Kenya.

People who have gone to school in kenya knows that learning is a continues process that begins once you are born. Therefore after finishing you college and you are working it is always good to keeping increasing your knowledge and this can be done by pursuing short courses called professional courses. These professional courses adds value to already existing academic qualifications and some time can earns someone employment.

AIRADS is one of the accredited institutions that offer short professional courses. These courses are open to everyone; this means that there are no restriction  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered in NIBS: the best business college in Nairobi

Nairobi institute of business studies NIBS is a kenya private institution, it is registered as a post secondary learning institution and as a private limited company. Nairobi institute of business studies NIBS offers courses in different fields of study. There are different departments including which include; department of business studies, department of secretarial studies, school of accountancy, department of journalism and media studies, department of computer sciences, school of tourism and hospitality, department of community development and social work and department of legal studies  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered at Thika Institute of Business Studies in Kenya.

 With increase of investors in Thika town in Kenya due to better road networking, there is also increase of people rushing to Thika town for jobs and therefore, there need for colleges to offer management courses to ensure that people are equipped with knowledge and skills to handle businesses. Thika institute is among the various institutions situated at Thika town in Kenya that offer business courses. This institution is registered by Ministry of Education and also offers other courses such as computer engineering. The examinations of various courses offered at Thika  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Umma University In Thika And Location Of Umma University Campuses In Kenya

Most Kenyans have come to learn of Umma University in Kenya recently with the numerous advertisements on Kenyan television. Umma University in Kenya is a multi-denominational university of Islamic orientation, chartered by the Kenyan Commission for Higher Education. The Umma University in Kenya has two campuses: One of the Umma University campus is in Kajiado part of Kenya and the Umma University main campus is located in Thika town in Kenya. To get to Thika from Nairobi town, you board matatu along Ronald Ngala Street next to  Continue reading ...

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Location Of The Buruburu Institute Of Fine Arts In Nairobi, Kenya

The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts is a middle level learning institution located in Buruburu in the large East lands area of Nairobi County in Kenya. The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts college in Nairobi is most popular for its unrivalled diploma and certificate courses in arts and design in Kenya.

The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts in Kenya was established as a church founded institution in 1990 to accommodate the students in Kenya who had not secured entry points for university education within Kenya on completion of their secondary school studies.

Over the years, the   Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At K.C.A University In Nairobi, Kenya

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (I.C.P.A.K) founded the Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) in 1986. The KCA institution in Kenya was set up so as to improve the quality of financial management and accountancy skills in Kenya. Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) is a nonprofit institution in Kenya which started as an accountancy college was given a letter of interim authority in 2007 and as such gained university status in Kenya, and was later renamed, Kenya College of Accountancy University in short KCA University.

KCA University in Kenya is located along Thika  Continue reading ...

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Where To Enrol For Media-Related Courses In Nairobi, Kenya

There is no doubt that the media industry in Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. This is pretty much evident by the fact that many media houses in Kenya have set up base in the recent times, just to beef up the competition. Unlike in the 1990s, when all Kenyans were forced to watch was KBC television and listen to KBC Radio Taifa, things have truly changed over the past one decade. Generally, the 21st century has seen many developments in Kenya, and this means in all facets of life.

The growth in the media industry in Kenya over the past one decade is   Continue reading ...

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The Craze With Magilim: The Newest Weight Loss Solution In Kenya

Magilim is the latest answer to our prayers for weight loss in Kenya. Magilim is the celebration of all overweight Kenyans who have had access to it. There are testimonies of many Kenyans who have lost up to 8 Kgs within a month of using Magilim product. It comes packed in 500g capsules. It is recommended that one takes two capsules one hour before each meal with 250mls of water.

What are the contents of Magilim? Magilim contains Konjac glucomannan, which is extracted from the Konjac plant.  When ingested, it turns into a gel like substance with the capability to expand to almo  Continue reading ...

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How To Get An University Scholarship In Kenya

There are many students in Kenya who do exceptionally well in their secondary school examinations but lack the financial power to carry on with University education in Kenya, even for the rather affordable public universities. There are other Kenyans who have concluded their undergraduate studies in Kenya and wish to get sponsorship and funding for their masters or even doctorate studies within the country or abroad. There are very many channels to acquire a scholarship here in Kenya. Most of the public universities in Kenya give scholarships to their students who acquire first class honors  Continue reading ...