6 years ago

Most Popular Open Markets In Kenya

Open markets are market stores that are located outside a building in a marked area where business men are required to bid for the stalls which are owned by the county government. Open markets are the main Centre’s of business in the city due to their preference by several groups of people in the society mostly the middle class and the poor which comprise of more than two thirds of Kenya’s population and although business in this markets has of late been threatened by terror attacks witnessed in two of the markets Gikomba and Garissa Lodge Nairobi open markets remain the heart o  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How to register for business license in Nairobi: Get a hawkers and shop permit

Hawking is a way of operating small scale business in kenya through selling from one place to another, this kind of business is operated by many unemployed persons living in city or town; this business earns many a living as opposed to moving in different offices searching for jobs. Most extensive networking manufacturers have adopted this design in order to move their goods in a competitive market.

Hawker business license in kenya is obtained from the town clerk; the hawker must apply for the permit giving details of the place of hawking and the goods or services to be hawked. In c  Continue reading ...