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Public Universities Offering Bachelor Of Science In Geology In Kenya

Public universities have been set up all over Kenya offering a variety of academic programmes to ensure that education brighten the future. In these higher learning institutions, the students are offered the best facilities for their best experience in the learning process and providing them with the best learning environment. Universities in Kenya therefore ensure that their students are given the best chance to acquire the necessary knowledge that is required in the job market.

Most of these universities have been accredited to offer specific courses that they have the best facili  Continue reading ...

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South Eastern Kenya University(SEKU)


South Eastern Kenya University was established in 1976 as Ukambani Agricultural Institute but in 2008 it was promoted to be to be a constituent of Nairobi University then known as South Eastern University College.In 2013,it was awarded a charter and became a public university by the name South Eastern Kenya University.It’s located in Kitui county near the Machakos –Kitui highway close to Kitui campus of Kenyatta University in Eastern Province.The university is located in a region with some mineral wealth although it doesn’t receive much rainfall.SEKU offers   Continue reading ...

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Unique courses offered by South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU)

South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) is a public university in the eastern province of Kenya specifically located in Kitui County off the Kitui-Machakos Highway at Kwa-Vonza. This university was established as the Ukambani Agricultural Institute and later as a constituent college of the University of Nairobi under the name South Eastern University College (SEUCO). Recently it was given a charter and became a fully-fledged university changing to its current name.

SEKU offers different programmes in terms of certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Post-graduate in which they are inco  Continue reading ...