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Kenya Power and Lighting Company Training School in Kenya.

 Many Kenyans know Kenya power and lighting company as an institution that deals with supply of power countrywide. One thing that many people do not know is that this governmental institution also trains people in the engineering sector.

This institution is located in Ruaraka area in Nairobi city. They train people at craft, certificate, diploma and advance diploma level. The courses offered by this institution include:

Craft courses offered by Kenya Power and Lighting Company Training School in Kenya

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Kenya Institute Of Special Education (KISE)

Kenya Institute of Special Education is situated at Kasarani, Nairobi County and it’s about 12 km from the Nairobi City Centre off Thika superhighway at Roysambu roundabout near Kasarani police station via ICIPE. It’s a school of its own kind since it mainly teaches student on how to deal with student with special needs.

Kenya institute of special education was established in 1986 through a legal notice by the government of Kenya with the assistance of the Danish Development Agency (DANIDA). The institute is run by a council appointed by Minister for Education, Science a  Continue reading ...

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Best High Schools in Kenya

Alliance High School

The school has been top in the national exams in the country for quite a number of years. It has well disciplined students and the environment is conducive for study. The school has further well trained teachers that encourage students to work hard and chase their dreams in school. Anyone wishing to inquire about the school should take time and visit the institution. It’s big and has well built classroom that ensure the student is provided with all basic materials for good study.

Starehe Boys Centre

The  Continue reading ...

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Special Education Schools in Kenya

Kenya institute of special education, the institute is a government agency which trains students who want to serve in the sector of special education, conducting a comprehensive training to all the personnel working in the management sector of special education institutions, running an assessment center for teachers to confirm if they are both educationally and psychologically ready for teaching children with special needs. The institute runs a preschool department for the purpose of preparing the teachers practically. The teachers are prepared professionally and to be cons  Continue reading ...

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How to start a private school in Kenya

It all starts with a vision, have a clear vision in mind and through this vision decisions will flow. Have clear answers on the kind of education you want to offer and the uniqueness of your schools that is not in other schools, the academic experience the institution will give to the students. The long term goal should be clear as to where and how you want your school to be in five years.

Put your plan clearly on a paper, include the day to day activities of the school; this will include the number of classes, the learning hours, the scheduling of the teachers and meals of the stud  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Automobile Association Of Kenya Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

Automobile Association of Kenya (AA of Kenya) is located in AA House, Off Airport North Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of the Automobile Association of Kenya offices is P.O Box 40087-00100, Nairobi.

The email address of Automobile Association of Kenya in Nairobi is

The telephone contacts of AA of Kenya offices are 0202612300, 0202612311, 0202525349, 6825062, 8090626, 8090629, 8090630, 8090631, 8090632, 0733620966 and 0722205106.

The emergency call li  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Medical Practitioners And Dentists Board Offices In Kenya

Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board in Kenya has offices located in Woodlands Road, Off Lenana Road in Hurlingham in Nairobi.

The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board postal address is P.O. Box 44839-00100, Nairobi.

The email addresses of Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board are and info@kenyamedicalboar  Continue reading ...

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Pembrooke House Prep School In Kenya

Pembrooke House Prep School in Kenya is a nursery school whose postal address is PO Box 31- 20116, Gilgil. The Pembrooke House Prep School website is at

You can contact Pembrooke House Prep School via wireless TKL telephone number +254 20 2312323. 

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Nairobi International School In Kenya

Nairobi International School in Kenya is an E-school situated on No. 728 Maji Mazuri Road, off James Gichuru Road in Nairobi. Nairobi International School (NIS) is located in Lavington Estate in Nairobi. Nairobi International School email address is

Nairobi International School postal address is P.O. BOX 66831 - 00800, Nairobi. The telephone contacts of the NIS secondary school (Senior School) are: 020-2154672, 020-2453566, 0727-379149 and 0736-264475.

The telephone co  Continue reading ...

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International Christian Kindergarten (Montessori Method) In Nairobi

International Christian Kindergarten (Montessori Method) school in Nairobi is located on Eldama Ravine Road, off Peponi Road in Westlands.

The International Christian Kindergarten (Montessori Method) school postal address is P.O. Box 735-00606 Sarit Centre in Nairobi. You can contact the children`s school via telephone numbers +254739778777 and 0738206183.

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