8 years ago

How To Buy Goods On Credit In Kenya: AFB Retails Credit Cards Usage In Kenya

Most supermarkets in Kenya can now enable Kenyans to buy goods on loan in Kenya. Loans in Kenya come in handy when you need emergency funds in Kenya, and that is what AFB credit card in Kenya are meant for. You are given a period of time to repay the amount of loan you take via doing shopping with an AFB card in Kenya.

AFB credit cards in Kenya are a product of African Business Finance Company which invested Ksh 250 million in Kenya in April 2013. African Business Finance (AFB) is a Mauritius-based firm which has enabled Kenyans to get access to buying goods loans in Kenya. African   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Location Of Safaricom Retail Outlet In Nyeri Town, Kenya

Safaricom Company is one of the leading mobile network operators in Kenya. Safaricom in Kenya began operation in 1997 as a fully owned subsidiary of the famous Telkom group in Kenya. However, ownership of Safaricom Company in Kenya was split when a United Kingdom based company; Vodafone Company acquired a 40% stake ownership of Safaricom Company in Kenya in 2000. Recent reports however, show that Vodafone Company owns 35% stake and management rights in Safaricom Company in Kenya, and the remaining 5% of Safaricom in Kenya is owned by Mobitelea Ventures Limited Company in Kenya. The Safarico  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Unblock Your M-pesa Account In Kenya

MPesa service in Kenya is the revolution that changed how Kenyans send and receive money. The advantageous thing about MPesa services in Kenya, is that Mpesa outlests in Kenya are found in numerous locations and eliminate the need of travelling far to access funds in Kenya. The extensive use of Mpesa services by Kenyans to send and receive cash, access bank services on the phone in Kenya, paying bills with M-pesa in Kenya and top up the phone or someone’s phone, makes Mpesa in Kenya to stand out from its competitors within Kenya. This is why it can be such a frustration when your Mpes  Continue reading ...