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Various Department available for Services at Coffee Research Foundation

Coffee is a cash crop grown in Kenya mostly in the central part of Kenya and among the major sources of revenue for Kenya as a country. The farming of coffee therefore is not taken for granted as the quality of the coffee products is the major determinant of the amount of revenue gained from coffee. This therefore makes the government ensure that the coffee farmers are provided with the necessary equipment and farm input for quality guarantee.

Kenya has also established an institution which enable the farmers of coffee in Kenya to have the best knowledge on how to tackle the challen  Continue reading ...

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Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)

The Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) is a state corporation established in 1986, under the science and technology act of laws of Kenya. KEFRI undertakes research in forests and allied natural resources. The institute conduct research and development activities under five thematic areas namely:

  • Forest productivity and improvement in Kenya

  • Biodiversity and environmental management

  • Forest products development

  • Social economics, policy governance and technical support

  • Enterprise servi  Continue reading ...

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Research programmes offered by Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) in Kenya

Marine areas are one of the best areas which Kenya is privileged to have. Marine areas is considered home to many species both plants and animals and therefore there maintenance should be a priority. Fisheries on the hand is related to marine lands because fisheries is impossible without marine. Fisheries ensure that they offer the best source of white meat in the country in form of different fish ranging in size and variety.

Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute has therefore been established to ensure that the life in the marine land is properly managed and protected. This  Continue reading ...

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CISCO Networking Systems Centers In Kenya

CISCO Networking Systems is an international organization that offers training and certification in computer netwroking. Courses offered by the CISCO Networking Systems include IT Essentials CompTIA A+, CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CISCO Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Health Information Networking.

The following are some institutions offering CISCO Training courses in Kenya:

  • African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI)

  • African Institute of Research and Development Studies

  • Amboseli   Continue reading ...

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Services offered At KEMRI-CGHR Clinic In Kenya

The Centre for Global Health Research (CGHR is one of the ten (10) Research Centres of the Kenya Medical Research Institute KEMRI. The Centre is strategically located in Kisumu City, in western Kenya, in an area that is endemic for major infectious diseases. Since its establishment in 1984, CGHR has been on the world map as the site of ground-breaking research focusing on infectious diseases of medical importance such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Dengue fever, schistosomiasis, yellow fever, TB among others.

Specifically, the Centre has carried out cutting-edge research focusing on trials o  Continue reading ...

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Top Consulting Firms In Nairobi

There is a growing number of consultancy services in Kenya, especially in Nairobi City where many organizations and business firms have their offices. This is largely due to the modern trend of information research being relied upon in many  undertakings of different institutions. Below is a list of some consultancy firms in Kenya\'s capital city:

  • KPMG Consulting

  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

  • Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

  • Deloitte Consulting

  • Dalberg

  • Ernst &a  Continue reading ...

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Eco-Regional Forestry Research programmes Offered By Kenya Forestry Research Institute

Forestry in Kenya is one the most developed sector in which the country in which investments have been done heavily to protect the forest and ensuring that the wildlife is safe from degradation and destruction. Many of the people do not see the importance of forests but in real sense, the forest are among the essential environmental features that contribute to the individuals’ survival.

The country together with most of the Kenyan investors have ensured that the forests are preserved to their benefits and has established various institutes and authorities to achieve the preser  Continue reading ...

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African Institute Of Research And Development Studies (AIRADS) Campus In Kenya


AIRADS is a registered institute in Kenya that offers a variety of courses such as computer, medical, engineering education and business and accounting. The courses are offered at certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels.

The main campus of African institute of research and development studies is located in Uasin Gishu County, 13 kilometers from Eldoret town along Eldoret – Nakuru highway. Since its establishment, AIRADS has grown and has now main campuses distributed across the country (Kenya). They are therefore discussed below:

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Short Courses Offered By African Institute Of Research And Development Studies In Kenya.

People who have gone to school in kenya knows that learning is a continues process that begins once you are born. Therefore after finishing you college and you are working it is always good to keeping increasing your knowledge and this can be done by pursuing short courses called professional courses. These professional courses adds value to already existing academic qualifications and some time can earns someone employment.

AIRADS is one of the accredited institutions that offer short professional courses. These courses are open to everyone; this means that there are no restriction  Continue reading ...

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Medical Research Institution-The Kenya Medical and Research Institute(KEMRI)


The Kenya Medical and Research Institute(KEMRI) is a medical research centre in East Africa and its headquarters are located in Kenya’s capital city,Nairobi and has branches in Kisumu and Mombasa. Kenya Medical and Research Institute was established in 1979 through Science and Technology Act.KEMRI is a multidisciplinary centre of specialized research capacity with all centres focusing on research under under four main programs namely:

                 -Infectious disease program

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